Love Love LOVE Lost Empire Herbs!

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Wow! THIS is a fabulous store! has some really difficult to find, very high quality and powerful herbs and educational resources. The store was founded and is managed by three brothers, Zane, Cloud, and Logan Christopher. They are very hands-on, and talk about honesty and integrity. These are guys after our own hearts here at  Once you visit and get to know the background of these guys, I think you’ll fall in love with them as much as we have.

On a personal note, I (Kathy, the lead female on the team) and my husband have a deep and abiding respect and interest in medicinal mushrooms (primarily chaga and red-banded polypores), and we harvest them as well – so when we noticed that also loves them – well, that was pretty much the icing on the cake.

They have stuff that I have literally just been hearing about in different alternative health journals and some of it sounds pretty exciting. They are one of the most respected folks when it comes to where to buy Pine Pollen (evidently one of their most popular signature items!), chaga, lion’s mane (we know it as bear claw up north, and we have it growing on our property – we actually just had some!), reishi, ant extract, ashwaganda, bacopa, Cordycep Mushrooms, Maral Root, hormone testing kits, books and other educational and informational resources, Shilajit Powder and Resin, female and male hormonal support formulas and just so much more.

I have a feeling that you are going to hear a lot about this store, and the brothers behind the brand. And, if they offer any Lost Empire Herbs promo or coupon codes, we’ll add them to the Lost Empire Herbs coupon code section of the site here!

To get to know the brothers and their outstanding website, start here:

Lost Empire Herbs coupon code

Livionex Dental Gel is Now LIVFRESH!

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LIVFRESH Dental Gel by Livionex - LIVFRESH Review

Hi all! I wanted to be sure I got a fully updated post for you about Livionex Dental Gel, which has now been renamed “LIVFRESH” to reflect a number of upgrades. Some of these upgrades include a better container (which less waste) and also a slightly different consistency (a little thicker).


Also there is a wintergreen flavor (in addition to the original peppermint). As of this writing (August 2019), I still have 1 tube left of my LIVFREE – the color-free version (in the pump), but I’ll be reordering the newly rebranded LIVFRESH Mild Peppermint (the option WITHOUT any colorant) after I work my way through what’s left in my cabinet.

I prefer not to have food coloring in anything I put in my body – so I have been grateful to the folks at Livionex (still seems to be the company name) for giving us that option.

I have now officially been using Livionex (LIVFRESH – LIVFREE – however you want to call it!) for over 4 years if you can believe that! I rarely stick with one brand of toothpaste for that long, but why argue with success? My teeth aren’t perfect of course, but they certainly don’t have any plaque buildup either.

This is what the new formula looks like (you can click here to see it on Amazon or click the image to go to the product page):

LIVFRESH Dental Gel by Livionex - LIVFRESH Review

Our Older Livionex Review

(Note – this was my original post from 2015! THAT’s how long I’ve been using Livionex – I need to get used to calling it “LIVFRESH”) Intrigued by the recent news and reviews about Livionex Dental Gel, the team here at decided to order some to give it a try. In fact, I just received the email that it’s on its way!

I should probably back up just a moment here. As you know, we love to provide solid information about products here in our articles and product reviews, whether we are promoting the actual product or not. But, isn’t it even better if we find something to promote that we are excited about personally?

Why I’m Obsessed about Dental Health

Well, fortunately, because there are a number of us on the team, there are a LOT of things we are personally interested in and that we get excited about. For me, dental care is one of them. I am very fortunate that over 30 years ago, I was encouraged to begin using dental floss by someone who had experienced quite a bit of pain and discomfort due to ignorance about tooth and gum care.

Now, readers may roll their eyes a bit and say, “Well, duh, we KNOW about flossing and dental hygiene.” I would ask all of you how often you actually DO floss. I can tell you this: I have missed only one (yes, 1) day of flossing my teeth since a day in June, 1983, when I witnessed my dad go through a lot of periodontal procedures to save his teeth. He was about 55 years old at the time – younger than I currently am now as I write. He simply asked me to start flossing my teeth regularly so that I wouldn’t go through the pain he was experiencing.

I took his words to heart. As the years went by, I also began to learn more about dental care, and began exploring additional ways to take care of my teeth.

Dental Folk Remedies: Oil Pulling

That is why, in other articles here at, you’ll see discussions about anything from the folk remedy of Oil Pulling to an Eco Dent Tooth Powder review – if it is something I’ve tried or enjoy myself, I do like to write about it.

For example, I do engage in Oil Pulling every week or so because I like the way my mouth feels afterwards, and whether the American Dental Association believes it is helpful or not doesn’t matter to me because I personally like the way it feels (and just for the record, I use coconut oil). And also, I despise the use of fluoride in toothpastes and water – something the ADA approves of, but I personally do not.*

So, as far as I am concerned, while they are certainly a terrific group, like any other professional association, they don’t speak for everyone.

Some Livionex Studies

Nonetheless, it would appear that dentists are getting pretty excited about the potential for Livionex. Some of the reports and studies I’ve seen are encouraging. See these sources for discussion about the product’s ability to significantly reduce plaque and tartar buildup:

So, back to Livionex Dental Gel. When one of my teammates drew my attention to this yesterday, I rushed over to the website to learn more. Even though I have paid very special care and attention to my teeth over the last 30+ years, I still have some receding gums that make for sensitive areas where the bottom of my teeth are more exposed. I also have some areas of my enamel that show some light pitting. I’ve never had many cavities – maybe 3 or 4 in my whole life – so when ever I see something that doesn’t look right, I want to see if I can find a way to help it.

Livionex Video

The folks at Livionex, based in Los Gatos, CA and led by CEO Amit Goswamy, believe that their product is going to radically change the way we take care of our teeth through the ability to keep the plaque from settling in on our teeth to begin with. Rather than try to explain it all here, you can check out this short interview between Mark Hartley of RDH Magazine and Mr. Goswamy here (my post continues below the video):

So, while it’s far too soon for me to give it any reviews or feedback, the potential for an improvement in my own oral health seems like something I want to investigate further.

I’ll tell you right now – I have never spent so much for a tube of “toothpaste.” Delivered, it cost about $22 for less than 2 ounces. Yes, already it sounds expensive. And no, I 1) did not ask for any “review samples” or anything else, and 2) I’m not being compensated for trying this. If I think it’s worthwhile after I try it, you can be sure that you’ll see my recommendation for it.

But it’s too soon to tell. It’s only March 29, 2015, and I haven’t received my order yet. Here is what I will do for now:

  • I will use Livionex Dental Gel as they direct – just a “pea sized” blip on the toothbrush, and brush for 2 minutes, twice a day. Their website says that this should last about a month.
  • I’m going to ask my husband to try it as well, because he has tooth issues of his own. I cannot promise he’ll stick to using it the way I will, but I’ll report on his experience the best I can.
  • I will give you an update on my own experience, and what, if any changes I notice in my teeth and how they feel.

So, for now, I’ll sign off and come back to report with a Livionex Dental Gel review soon!

*Note: Other members of the team here at the website may or may not share my views on fluoride; however, we all are encouraged to express our own opinions on the products we review and write about. Thank you.

A Close Look at Nootromins – High Quality Nootropics

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Nootromins is a nootropics company that was established by a team of individuals in San Francisco. Their main agenda is to boost human brain and physical abilities by developing supplements designed to facilitate better development of the brain and body*. A look at some of the ingredients in Nootromins may help determine if it is going to be the right supplement for you.

The Ingredients in Nootromins

  • Alpha-GPC: This is a potent natural choline compound that has been clinically tested to ascertain its benefits. It is known to improve attention, cognition and memory.
  • Bacopa Monnierri: This is a neuroprotective herb with properties that can help in enhancing memory, cognitive abilities and the speed with which the human brain processes information.
  • Rhodiola Rosea: This powerful herb has been used in various research studies with most results showing that when used correctly it can improve mood, manage fatigue and speed up mental processes.
  • Glucuronolactone: This is basically a metabolite that is developed from glucose and has properties that help enhance physical and mental performance. It is also said to boost alertness in human beings.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine is best known as the substance extracted from coffee. Caffeine is known to enhance cognitive function, improve alertness and increase energy levels in the human body.
  • Inosital: This is a compound quite similar to vitamins and is known to manage anxiety while improving cell signalling and brain concentration.
  • L-theanine: L-theanine is an amino acid that is said to have the ability to reduce stress and anxiety. It is supposed to boost human focus.


The benefits of taking Nootromins

To understand information while studying or listening to a teacher you must have proper concentration. Nootromins has properties that are supposed to actually enhance the part of the brain that deals with signalling of important neurotransmitters. This ultimately impacts on how well you focus and process the information that is provided.

Overall mental performance can be the determining factor in how productive you are at work or in school. These supplements are engineered to enhance oxygen uptake and glucose metabolism both of which directly affect your mental energy, creativity and processing speed.

Better blood flow?

The supplement is supposed to help facilitate better blood flow while supplying the body with vital micro-nutrients that improve neuronal signalling. The result is that you have enhanced coordination and muscle responsiveness. This particular effect can be helpful to individuals that engage in all sorts of sporting activities that may require faster reflexes.

Anyone that is experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety can hardly come up with solutions to complex matters. Stress hinders your ability to perform physically and mentally.

Nootromins supplements are designed to stimulate key brain receptors and as a result they reduce stress and anxiety levels making it possible for you to have a clearer mind when focusing on the issues at hand.

Just like any other organ in the human body the brain must be protected and kept in good health. These supplements contain ingredients that provide tissue nourishment. They encourage cell regeneration and plasticity which is key to protecting the brain from mental decline and degeneration. It is worth noting that the supplements are also known to boost energy and stamina making it possible for you to sustain peak performance over prolonged periods of time.

More about the supplement & Nootromins’ reputation

All ingredients used in making the supplements have been tested in various clinical and scientific studies which have shown that they are safe when introduced to the body.

The products are available legally meaning they have been taken through all the processes required by government before approval is done.

A casual read through user testimonials shows that a majority of people are impressed by the results achieved after taking the supplements.

See this at their official site:

Side Effects?

There are no reports of people experiencing negative side effects after using the supplements. However, a few people claim that they have not noticed any significant improvement in the way they perform both physically and mentally.

These supplements are available in three different packages with the first meant to last for 10 days, the second 20 days and the third can sustain you for 30 days. The packages cost different amounts allowing just about anyone to find something affordable. They also offer a referral program where you can earn a $10 credit for a future purchase if someone you refer decides to buy.

Nootromins Coupon Codes

When Nootromins offers special savings and coupon or promo codes, we add them to our site! We have a special section devoted to this company, and you can find the savings and codes at:

I happen to know that there are a number of specials going on now, including some 50% off deals. Of course they may change out specials on occasion, and when they do, I’ll update the section for you!

*Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. According to the company,, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The Dirt – Trace Mineral Tooth Brushing Powder

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Those of you who follow this website have likely seen that I (personally) have a “thing” about my teeth*. Seriously – I try a LOT of natural products, and so that’s where this Dirt Tooth Powder review comes in. Naturally, oral health and dental hygiene is one of the most important parts of our daily routine; not only is it important to keep our teeth clean and healthy to avoid the unpleasantness of toothache , but healthier teeth can help to cut down the cost of bills at the dentist.

This is something my family knows about first hand. I’ve had to rush hubby to the dentist for an emergency root canal in the past, and I can tell you that he says “NEEDING a root canal is a lot worse than HAVING one done.”

Modern chemical toothpastes may be effective at tackling problems like plaque and the bacteria that can lead to tooth decay and gum problems, but many of the ingredients in toothpastes can cause dental or health problems of their own.

Our teeth are actually very good at fixing themselves, as long as we give them a chance, but many of the ingredients of modern toothpastes, such as glycerin, actually stop the vital re-mineralization process that keeps our teeth naturally healthy, strong and gleaming white.

The Dirt is one of a number of new products on the market which are designed to support our teeth’s natural defenses, instead of preventing this vital process of re-mineralization from taking place.

The Dirt Natural Toothpaste

Great deal on The Dirt Natural Toothpaste on Amazon! Click this photo!

What Is The Dirt?

The Dirt is a tooth powder, rather than a toothpaste. You still need a regular toothbrush to use it and to apply the powder to your teeth, helping you to support your natural oral health. The Dirt has a pleasant spicy orange flavor, which tastes great and leaves your mouth feeling just as fresh as chemical, minty toothpastes.

This innovative product has none of the chemicals that you find in conventional toothpastes; no fluoride which has been linked to its own health scares, especially in towns where it has been added to the water supply. The Dirt is also ideal for those who have allergies or dietary requirements, as the product is free of soy, grain, corn and gluten.

The company behind the product don’t use any fillers, chemical or natural, or beeswax from factory-farmed bees. Of course, the toothpowder is cruelty-free and has not been tested on animals.

The Dirt Toothpaste Ingredients — All Natural for Natural Health

So, we have established that there are lot of chemical and harmful ingredients not in The Dirt; but what ingredients are included in their toothpowder? What makes it such a successful product and such an excellent alternative to toothpastes? The Dirt is rich in essential oils, including the spicy orange that gives the product its distinctive taste; fatty oils and butters high in nutrients; and a selection of clays and salts rich in minerals.

The creator of The Dirt invented the toothpowder when she realized that a lot of the beauty products she was buying didn’t adhere to her new paleo lifestyle; the paleo diet allows people to only eat the fruits, vegetables and meats that would have been eaten by prehistoric man. However, there are still lots of non-food products that contain a great deal of chemical and modern ingredients, not fitting to the paleo diet.

The Dirt Tooth Powder Reviews on Amazon

The reviews are stellar, overall. Coming in at over 1,300 of them – 73% of which are a solid 5-Star – you gotta love it.

One of the things I like about Amazon reviews (and frankly, one of the things I and others love about Amazon overall to begin with) is that you can see whether or not the writer actually purchased the product.

And, in this case, you can see for yourself that they are for real (click the following image, and it’ll take you directly over to the product page so you can read and peruse at your leisure).

The Dirt tooth powder reviews on Amazon

Try Out The Dirt for Yourself

The Dirt is a great way to keep your teeth naturally strong and healthy, as well as creating a great-tasting product which is suitable for everyone. In fact, the only downside to using The Dirt is that it can end up staining the bristles of ordinary toothbrushes!

Whether you are following a paleo lifestyle yourself or not, it is worth using The Dirt to see what a difference it can make to your dental health — and the appearance of your smile.

There are many advantages to using a natural toothpowder over normal toothpastes. Not only does The Dirt support your teeth’s own re-mineralization process, it is also better for your health and better for the environment. Buy The Dirt online HERE at Amazon, and you can see for yourself the difference it can make.

PS: It’s Amazon Prime eligible too!

* Check out my Livionex review and you’ll see what I mean!

The Dirt Tooth Powder Reviews are VERY good - buy it here on Amazon


Boost Your Health With Dr. Schulze

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The Dr. Schulze range of natural supplements is the brainchild of Dr. Richard Schulze, who developed his brand and products in order to give ordinary Americans an alternative to spending their life savings on expensive medical treatments. His aim was to ensure that people remain healthy by taking the right supplements and eating the right foods.

Dr. Schulze himself was diagnosed with a serious medical condition in his youth, declining the expensive surgery that doctors told him was his only option, and instead began exploring the alternative remedies that are found in nature.

Training with some of the world’s foremost experts, Dr. Schulze learned all he could about natural medicine to improve his own health. He then used this information to open his own natural medicine clinic in the 1970s and to develop the Dr. Schulze range of natural supplements.

It wasn’t until the “early 2000’s” (already seems like a long time ago!) that I, personally discovered Dr. Schulze’s message. When someone with a level head (versus hype) explains various alternatives to the standard western ways of treating symptoms, it’s easier for me to listen and learn. I instantly felt like he was onto something, and soon purchased 2 of what have probably become known as flagship products for him:

Dr. Schulze’s supplements owe their success to the high standards their creator learned in treating himself and others, only using the purest herbs with no chemicals added to any of the products. By only using organic ingredients, Dr. Schulze has increased the potency of his supplements; organic food has been found to contain more nutritional benefit than the chemically farmed alternatives. There is no skimping on ingredients, and no short-cuts taken in the creation of remedies to ensure that users get the maximum benefit.

The supplements which have been created by Dr. Schulze after his lifetime of experience have been split into roughly four categories labeled nutrition, eliminate, detox and immune. The nutrition products include Dr. Schulze’s Superfood range, powders and tablets taken daily which contain 100% of recommended daily intake (RDI) of Vitamins A, B, C, E and Vitamin B12.

The Superfood range also includes bars which you can eat while on the go, in both Original and Apple and Cinnamon Crunch flavors. There are even superfood tablets for children which are smaller and easier to swallow, which contain all the vitamins in the adult version as well as being 40% protein.

In recent years, he has added the following to his product line as well:

As a quick note before I forget – in the past several years, I’ve noticed Dr. Schulze looking a lot more svelte than when I first began reading his books and newsletters. He was a bit more “portly” earlier on, and now he looks a lot slimmer! Perhaps he actually practices what he preaches.

Anyway, the “eliminate” category features bowel cleansers which you take every day in tablet or powder form. These help to expel toxins from the gut and to cleanse and detoxify your digestive system. They also stimulate the natural muscular movement of the intestine.

Dr. Schulze also produces a range of detox products, which can help users to get their system clear of toxins and working healthily and effectively once again. While you can get some of these on, others seem to only be available at his official site, – and here is his link to his “Author Page” at Amazon: page Richard Schulze

Detox plans range from the 24-hour bowel detox to the full 30-day detox plan, which features products to help cleanse your liver, kidneys and bowel. These detox products use a mixture of powders, capsules, Dr. Schulze’s own detox formula and tasty herbal teas to help your body get back on an even keel.

There is also a range of supplements available from Dr. Schulze to help boost your body’s own natural defenses against cold and flu germs and other infections. The Echinacea Plus, taken daily, helps to boost your body’s defenses but can also be taken to treat the symptoms of cold and flu and help your body fight off infections. Scientifically proven to increase the number of immune cells in the body, Echinacea Plus is an effective way to prevent and treat infections in one product.

Echinacea is the primary ingredient in Dr. Schulze’s Cold and Flu Shot, along with almost 20 other natural herbs and spices. Take it at the first sign of a cold and it will help your body to fight off the infection, helping you too feel better faster. Combine Echinacea Plus with Dr. Schulze Vitamin C supplements to give yourself the best possible chance of fighting off germs before they make you feel ill.

If you are just starting out on your bid to become more naturally healthy, the Dr. Schulze Starter Kit is the perfect way to begin. Containing everything you need to cleanse your body and restore yourself to good natural health, it is ideal for those who want to feel better but are not sure how to go about it.

If you have a more serious health condition, the Incurables Program features the whole range of Dr. Schulze detox products in one, as well as Superfood capsules and additional supplements to boost your body’s defenses and help you deal with whatever health problems you are facing.

This Program does not come cheaply, but it is impossible to put a price on good health — and it is certainly cheaper than the expensive medical bills that are the alternative if your condition becomes worse.

Finally!! An IN DEPTH Lumonol Review: Our Lumonol Nootropic Experience!

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If you’re looking for a REAL user’s Lumonol review, from someone who has truly tried this brain enhancement supplement, you’ve found it. While we may also answer a few general questions you might have (like we had at first), we’re not going to go into the obvious stuff that you can get directly from their website,, since that would merely be restating what has been written probably a hundred times.

If you read our introduction to how we were going to prepare a Lumonol review (here), or our general post about nootropics (here), you already know the basics.

So, let’s get to it!

It’s been a few weeks since I began using Lumonol, and I’ve been keeping some notes on my experience!

Table of Contents

My Initial Questions about Lumonol

For the most part, my primary questions were as follows, along with some we figure others might be asking as well:

Are there any REAL Lumonol reviews (versus just regurgitated stuff?)

I didn’t find too many, which is why we wanted to buy it and try it ourselves. And when it comes to brain enhancement supplement reviews to begin with, it seems like most of them are just re-phrasing stuff you can already find at the websites or and similar sites.

We did find a couple that appeared that the people did actually try it. So, the answer is yeah, there are a few. Ours is one of them. And ours goes into a bit different type of detail that we hope you’ll find helpful. Back to Top

What are Lumonol’s side effects?

We talk about our own experience below, and this is also discussed at the company’s official website; however, in researching the various ingredients, we saw that in some cases someone might experience jitters or irregular heartbeat (my primary concern).

Because of the powerhouse of various nootropic stacks in these types of brain supplements and formulas, I had some initial questions about potential side effects since the supplements do contain Guarana, which is a natural source of caffeine, and I have been sensitive to caffeine in the past.

In general I tend to limit how much coffee or tea that I consume. If you have any health issues that might be of concern, you’d want to do some due diligence on each of the ingredients before you commit. The company has crystal clear images of the ingredients, along with explainations of how they work. Of course, you can check each ingredient against other sites like Wikipedia or LiveStrong that explain what different ingredients are supposed to do as well. Back to Top

What are Lumonol’s benefits?

According to the company, while they are not allowed to make specific claims, their customers report that they are noticing being more focused, more highly motivated, more calm in general, and less anxious. This is similar to what I personally noticed (which we discuss at length below):

They have a page of testimonials from customers, and a lot of them feel the same way I do. Back to Top

Why aren’t there any Free Trials?

Lumonol Smart Drink and Capsules from my Lumonol Review at MyFavDeals.orgWe discovered that this was not a “one-off” type of dosage, where you take the pill and all of a sudden you’re able to focus like an Einstein. Free trials wouldn’t work because in order for you to get the full effect they’d pretty much have to give away an entire bottle since you need to take it for more than a day or two. BUT, they have a number of discounted offers that bring the price down considerably. Back to Top

Are there any Lumonol coupon codes?

We haven’t seen too many; however, we are affiliates, and if the company was going to offer one – say, as a special promotion – we would be notified, and then we would put out a special post about it, which you would find HERE.

They do offer discounts when you buy more than one bottle, and those savings can be just as effective as a promo code. Back to Top

Is Lumonol sold on Amazon or just their website?

At the time of this writing, we have NOT found it on Thus far we have only seen Lumonol offered at its official site HERE, at least as far as being able to buy it online is concerned. It’s possible they have it listed for sale elsewhere, but right now this is where we’ve seen it. Back to Top

Disclaimers and Clarifications

I know that some people educated as medical doctors and researchers might say that supplements of any kind aren’t proven. I’m not the type of person to only listen to naysayers. While I respect educated opinions, I also feel it’s important for me to keep an open mind. I’ve always been like this. And, I’ve always been one to personally seek out alternatives to prescription drugs when possible – again, this is my personal choice, and I’m not advising anyone to do as I do.

Also, because most supplement companies can’t actually make any specific claims – you always see the disclaimer required by the FDA at the sites saying something like: “The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”– I wanted to study the subject matter a little bit more before buying it.

So, because of my own personal bent, whenever I see certain members of the medical or scientific community categorically dismiss something, I tend to look a little deeper.

Nonetheless, if I find a lot of articles or opinion that clearly and continually say that there are bad side effects noted with certain supplements, I’ll pretty much steer clear of them. There are plenty of supplements I won’t touch! Back to To

Fortunately, Lumonol passed the muster for me.

I found very little, if anything at all, for me to be concerned about in my personal situation. And, even when it comes to the Guarana, the source of caffeine in the supplement –  there didn’t seem to be an overabundance of that anyway.

I actually wound up looking up just about every ingredient in the blend, just to be sure I felt ok about taking something I’d never tried before.

Like I said, my biggest concern was the Guarana, however, the entire “energy blend” is calculated at 430 mg per dose, and that includes the Guarana, Asian Ginseng, and the Hordenine HCL.

Why Was I Even DOING This?

Put it this way – I had to try something to help my focus and ability to concentrate. I absolutely love my work here at MyFavDeals, and there are so many amazing products to write about, so many videos to create, and so many deals to find and post. You should see my list of projects (and dreams) for this site!

So, because I was finding myself getting distracted merely by virtue of working online (researching one thing can send me down a rabbit hole a mile long, and I get lost in the twists and turns and can find it difficult to remain focused on the topic at hand) – well… that’s what got me going on trying a brain supplement to begin with. And, I liked how many things one formulation might be able to address… You can check it out for yourself hereBack to Top

Some of the things I was particularly interested in addressing include:

  • a general lack of energy in the afternoon (even if I don’t eat grains or sugar)
  • my tendencies to get off-track when researching a topic
  • a seeming inability to “get started” due to feelings of overwhelm
  • “flitting” from thing to thing, jumping from one topic to another before completing a task

So, do I sound like someone who probably should have been diagnosed with some type of ADHD when I was a kid?

The thing is, I did NOT want to get on some type of prescription drug. And that was pretty much what made me begin looking for some potential solutions.

And, because of my business (which of course is reviewing and promoting various products), a number of nootropic supplements naturally come to my attention. When I saw information on Lumonol cross my desk, I became intrigued because it seemed to address more than one of my areas of concern. Back to Top

There are a few other nootropics that also look promising, especially for mental clarity and focus, and we promote them here as well. But for now, I really wanted to give Lumonol a try.

By the way…Yes, I DO eat Veggies!

Just in case one of my readers is involved in the health or nutrition field, I really do eat a lot of freshies and I exercise regularly these days, so I do take additional steps to improve my brain health.

I have also considerably increased my water intake (actually keeping track of how much water I’m drinking), and dramatically cut back on consuming foods containing wheat, grains, and soy (except right now as I type because I’m typing this Lumonol review during the Christmas holiday season and I confess to giving in to temptation of all the treats in front of me every day this week). Back to Top

OK… Enough preliminaries…

Let’s get on with our “official” Lumonol nootropics review!

I asked Martin, my partner here at what he thought too – and I’ll share his thoughts as well since he decided to try it too.

At this point, I’d like to offer up what Martin and I talked about, which more or less falls into the following categories:

Hopefully our discussion may help you if you are considering buying Lumonol for yourself!

Initial Ordering Process: Our Initial Impressions

Kath: Personally, I felt that the website was very easy to navigate, and when looking at which product or bundle options were available, I was able to quickly decide what I wanted to try, and why.

The layout of the “nootropic stacks” as they are often called, it was a simple task to look – almost at a glance – to see which effects I was primarily interested in.

It took me almost no time to decide that a mix of the Lumonol Smart Drink and Capsules was going to be what I might find best for my situation. I like the mix of both!

Martin: Oh yeah, the site was definitely easy to use. I’ve taken my share of brain supplements, and so I’ve seen a bunch of nootropics websites.

One thing I want to point out is that I like how they stick to the product itself; in other words, it’s all about the supplement, and they don’t veer into swag or clothing. So, I could make the decision fast. Oh, and I chose just the tablets.

Only one ordering glitch…

Kath: I think the ONLY criticism I have with the ordering process in general was that when I was browsing, one of those “chat windows” popped up, with the text told me that if I used the coupon code “Agent8” and if I clicked a link in the box, I’d get a free bottle of their Luna nootropic sleep aid.

So, I figured what the heck, right? But it didn’t work for me, and I tried it twice. No big deal since I don’t have trouble sleeping anyway, but that’s one thing that was confusing.

In the end, I just ordered my capsules and the Lumonol Smart Drink, and the ordering process was easy.

Martin: Haha! I must not have been on the site as long as you because I didn’t get that window! No biggie. I had no problem with ordering.

Another Plus: They Take PayPal

One thing I want to point out that I think is a plus for them is that they take PayPal. Not everyone does, and I like paying for stuff with PayPal.

Kath: Yup! Me too! I have a copy of the receipt, so I can show readers what the order looks like here…

Martin: I want to also add that I had my order within just a couple of days.

Kath: Same here. No issues whatsoever. And that was 2 of us with 2 completely separate orders. Back to Top

Lumonol Side Effects

Kath: Martin, I was concerned about jitters, but didn’t have ANY. Actually, I’m pleased to report that I haven’t had ANY negative issues since taking it! And I am quite sensitive to caffeine as I mentioned earlier.

Of course I’ve been careful about how many tablets or “scoops” of the Lumonol Smart Drink that I have, and I’m also cognizant of how close together I take these doses.

Martin: Yeah, I think that it’s smart to move slowly if you weren’t sure about the caffeine. Personally I didn’t notice any jitters or caffeine overload at all. I do drink my share of coffee, but this didn’t put me over any edge or anything.

Guarana: Natural Caffeine Source

Kath: I’m still gonna go easy on dosage, because I did read that the caffeine in Guarana COULD cause irregular heartbeat, but so far so good. Again, it’s just something that I’ve noticed in the past when I’ve had too much coffee or tea.

Martin: If anything, and I don’t actually know if I’d call this a side effect, but I would have to say I can stick on a particular topic a little longer. Maybe like a “calm” feeling. Hmm. Maybe that should go under “Lumonol benefits” or something…

Kath: Yeah, I felt the same way. Ok… I guess we’ll move on to the next category then!

Changes or Noticeable Differences

Kath: One thing I noticed was that I have been recalling “little” things – like, I’ll tell John I’m going to do something small, like look something up for him later on, and later on, I’ve actually remembered to do it without being reminded.

And, Martin, you mentioned something like a more “calm” feeling. That’s a good way of saying it. It’s almost a change in the manner of my thought process.

Sometimes, my mind races, especially since I’m trying to write about so many different things. And I’m thinking about a dozen different projects at once.

And, I’ve mentioned this to you before, where I cannot seem to sit still. Like, I’ll have a review to write, or a bunch of new coupon codes to list, and I just can’t seem to concentrate for a more than a few minutes at a time.

Frankly, we have so much work to do on this site that I don’t have the luxury of adult ADD or whatever the heck it is that stops me from concentrating and focus.

But, in the weeks since I’ve been taking the Lumonol – and I have been pretty much taking one capsule, and ½ scoop of the Smart Drink – I’ll be darned if I haven’t noticed an increase in my productivity.

The Company Includes a Detailed Instruction Guide

Martin: Haha! That’s awesome! You know though, remember that their downloaded PDF with the usage guidelines emphasizes “cycling” – taking it for 5 days, then NOT taking it for the next 2. Or, they also say that if you take it for 3 months to take a month off.

And they also say that the benefits don’t seem to be permanent. So to me it would make sense to try the 5 days on – 2 days off cycle to see how that works. It’s only been a few weeks, so it’s a little soon to tell for sure.

Kath: I’m glad you mentioned that PDF guide! I had  been taking a tablet at lunch, and then ½ scoop of the Lumonol Smart Drink a little later. Like, within an hour or so. No afternoon slump either. Of course, eating well helps with that as well!

But, I’m wondering now if I should have it a little earlier. I’ll experiment with that.

One more thing I want to mention quickly is that Lumonol has a VERY good blog on the site. It’s chock-full of informational and educational posts and articles. Check out their Blog HERE.

Not an Instant Fix – Give it Time

Martin: Also, we need to remind readers that it takes a while to kick in. In my personal experience Lumonol doesn’t kick in instantly – but I honestly didn’t expect it too.

Kath: I actually felt “something” pretty quickly – but, no, not instantly though. I would have to say that even though it’s only been a few weeks, I can say that I HAVE been more productive.

Martin: He he… that’s good for the site!

Kath: Very funny! But it’s true! And, like I was mentioning, that kind of “calm” feeling, and ability to just concentrate on the task at hand. Even doing some of the other part-time work I have, I’ve noticed that I’m doing some of those tasks a little faster but with the same level of quality. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s almost like I’m not constantly going back over something I just did to be sure I did it correctly. It’s like I KNOW I did it correctly, I remember what I did, and I don’t need to double back to make double sure. Back to Top

Additional Thoughts or Comments

Finally, everyone wants to know:

Is Lumonol worth the money?

Kath: So what do you think? Worth it?

Martin: Oh, I think so because time is money. To use your own example, when we spend less time revisiting stuff or removing distractions, then obviously we get more done.

Kath: Yeah, I look at the way we’re supposed to cycle the dosages. In my case, I bought the bottle of 60 Lumonol caps, and the Smart Drink which will EASILY last 2 months. Actually, it might last even a little more. So in my case I paid about $117 for a one-time purchase of both the capsules and Smart Drink. Even if it lasted me only 2 months, that would be $1.95 and probably less per day.

Also, it depends on any Lumonol coupon codes of course, which might bring that to even less. Also, if you buy more than a one shot deal, you spend less.

A buck-ninety-five per day well spent when we’re looking at a day’s work! Back to Top


We feel that given the price and how long a bottle might last – especially if you were to buy more than a one months’ supply, Lumonol appears to be a well-balanced formula, and worth the cost.

Something for All Age Groups

We did like the fact that there was a formulation for more than one segment of the population. For example, I did appreciate that they have the “Lumonol Wisdom” formula that targets a more senior population.

One thing we scarcely mentioned was the “Lumonol Prep” formula that has been created for the youth age group from 8-years old to teenagers. And because neither of us have kids around we couldn’t try it out on anyone in our own families.

Nonetheless, I appreciate that the Lumonol Prep does NOT have caffeine, and that is a good thing (in my opinion).

Finally, I totally appreciate the powdered Lumonol Smart Drink, which made it very easy for me adjust my own dosages. I believe that this is an excellent addition to their product options.

Thanks for tuning in to our Lumonol review everyone. Back to Top

Ready to Try Lumonol for Yourself? Great! CLICK HERE!

Lumonol Review – Part 1 – Why I’m Buying this Nootropic: An Introduction

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Before I dive into a full Lumonol review, I want to give readers here at MyFavDeals a bit of background – not only about my particular reasons for buying and trying the product, but also about WHY we bought it (instead of requesting a free sample or discount).

So, first of all, we want to say right up front that we paid for the products, and we did not ask for, nor were we given any special discounts. We just wanted to get that out of the way – and in fact, you can see our payment receipts. Martin’s is to the right, and mine is down and to the left…lumonol-purchase-receipt-martin

Now, of course because we are in the business of marketing products and services, we definitely do sometimes receive discounts or free trials of a product from a vendor – but that is not the norm for us.

And this is one of those times where we purchased the product at full price.

There is a reason we do a lot of our reviews this way…

And that reason is so that we can give our truest impressions without feeling any type of stress to simply gush about how wonderful a product is. There are enough reviews out there like that already, and so want to report to our readers some of the type of feedback that can only really be a result of an actual purchase – from the moment we visit the website to the moment we complete our experience with the product or service.

So, we will each be receiving our supplements in a few days, and we will each use it for about a month. Then we’ll put together the full review.

During that month, we will be sharing notes and anything that we discover along the way!

Let’s have a quick look at one of the reasons why we are so intrigued about Lumonol to begin with.

I would have to say that Martin pretty much started it, because he has ordered a number of “brain supplements” in the past, and he’s the one who brought Lumonol to my attention to begin with. It has a good reputation, and its “nootropic stack” appeared to us to be fairly well “itemized” if that makes sense.

For example, there are three primary components to the supplement:

  • 1 for energy,
  • 1 for focus (a HUGE issue for me personally),
  • and 1 for memory.

lumonol-purchase-receipt-kathyMartin was sure that the standard Lumonol blend would be good for him, so that’s what he ordered. I went back and forth between whether or not to order the “Wisdom” blend, designed for people 60 and over. I’m 57 at the time of this writing, so I thought that Lumonol Wisdom might be a good choice.

However, after I compared both, I, too decided on the standard product.

I did add the Lumonol Smart Drink powder to my order (it mixes in water) – so that I could split my doses and adjust how much I’m taking a little more easily.

What I mean is that let’s say I take one capsule in the morning, and then want to take the second dose a little later, if I want to take say the equivalent of only half a tablet, I can do that by using less than a full scoop of the powder. Hopefully that makes sense!

And, the reason for this is that Lumonol contains Guarana, which is part of the energy stack, and is a natural form of caffeine. I’m going to carefully watch how I feel with a supplement that has caffeine. I’m not a heavy coffee or tea drinker, so this is going to be something I am carefully going to note.

Another thing I want to point out is something called Neurogenesis.

If you haven’t heard about this – where our brains are able to grow new neurons, you may find this TED Talk by Neuroscientist Sandrine Thuret quite interesting. Ms. Thuret explains some of the factors affecting our brains.

Because I have made the assumption that you are at this article because you are interested in brain health, this is something that you may wish to view. The video is only 11 minutes long, but is chock full of very usable information. I’ve tucked the video down the page, just below this article.

I will be back with our impressions and a discussion about what differences – if any – I can detect after using Lumonol for a while.

Please check back soon! Our Lumonol Review is now Live!

Read: Our In-Depth Lumonol Review HERE: Our Lumonol Nootropic Experience

(In the meantime, if Lumonol ever offers coupon codes or deals, we’ll post them in THIS section here.

Comparing The IWalk, Ergobaum, And Freedom Crutch

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Being injured is crummy, and wearing a cast, frame, or bandage around your foot and/or ankle makes you feel like an invalid. Then you get crutches and are mobile, but they can cause pain of their own.

For example, the part under your armpits is padded but it still digs in and bruises the surrounding area. Your hands pressing down feel sore and some people report having to wear cycling or gardening gloves in order to prevent blisters or provide some padding. The wrists ache after being bent at an uncomfortable angle for too long. You have to hold your foot up and bend your knee slightly all the time which means activating muscles all the way up your leg for long periods of time.

They get stronger, but that’s not the way you want to go about improving leg strength. Ultimately, this posture causes pain and secondary injuries. Both hands are occupied so you can’t do anything for yourself, at least not without a great deal of difficulty.

What is the Answer?

Innovators, some of the previous injury sufferers or healthcare workers, have come up with a solution: provide consumers something to rest the knee on. You will only have to use one crutch if the balance is right. Some systems are all-in-one and others are accessories meant for attaching to a standard crutch. There are some criteria one must meet before considering such a device, but these tools come as a relief to many injured individuals around the country. Three such items are the iWalk, Freedom Crutch, and the Ergobaum.

What Criteria?

One must be able to bend at the knee to a 90° angle so the injury will affect nothing as high as the knee. Very tall or very short people plus extremely heavy individuals might have to modify their search. Generally, all of the following products have provided relief to numerous individuals who can expect to be using crutches for several weeks or months. All of them present pros and cons, so lots compare them. Also, the makers of these tools insist they are not suitable for people with other mobility issues beyond an isolated injury. Your balance should be pretty good and active individuals seem to be drawn to these tools.

The iWalk

This is a crutch for people from 5 feet tall to 6’4″ which is a considerable height range and also a wide range of potential weights. You can use it if you are right- or left-handed by making adjustments which require no tools. It is a user-friendly system which has gone through some adjustments since it was first released.

iwalk-2-0-hands-free-crutches-amazon-reviewWith the iWalk, an injured person is able to rest the knee above an injured area and still walk if he or she can first establish correct balance. People become very excited about the iWalk because it allows them to release one hand and do more things for themselves. The one down-side to such an excellent product is that it costs far too much for what it is: more than $100 pricier than the Ergobaum which we will review next. Is $330 too much to pay? That’s a lot of money for something you hope to use for 6 to 8 weeks, maybe three months at the most, especially with some strong competition. At least you can sell it on and get some of your money back though.

Read Our iWalk Review (based on my brother-in-law’s experience) Post HERE.

Buy the iWalk on HERE!

The Ergobaum

I’m not sure what makes this so much cheaper than an iWalk when it seems to be even more innovative with so many safety features as designed by an orthopedic surgeon. The knee rest is there, adjustable within a similar range as above but slightly taller people can also use it comfortably.

the-ergobaum-crutch-by-ergoactives-pain-free-crutch-on-amazonThere is also an elbow rest to allow one to take more weight off around the hand and armpit. In addition to mobility benefits and pain reduction, there are practical features for people who don’t want to stay in at night just because of a sprain, a break, or post-surgical healing.

There is a light, reflectors, and you can also let out a blast on the horn to make sure drivers see you when you cross a road or parking lot. Additionally, the makers installed springs into the tips in order to provide shock absorption that makes for an even more comfortable ride.

At around $200 it isn’t cheap, but more affordable than the iWalk. That said, there have been some noise-related issues with the spring-loaded tips, but not for everyone. Generally, ratings are good. The Ergobaum might need to go back to the drawing board if only to fix the squeaking problem.

Read our Ergobaum review HERE.

Buy the Ergobaum by Ergoactives on HERE!

Freedom Crutch

At the hospital, many people walk away with a pair of medical-supply crutches that have been used by many individuals and worn out. The armpit rests aren’t as soft as they used to be. Tips don’t absorb a lot of impact; the rubber needs to be replaced. Meanwhile, there are all of those issues of strain and pain mentioned above whether your crutches are old or new.

freedom-crutch-amazon-free-shippingYou can leave one of the pair at your medical supply shop and just wear one with the Freedom Crutch. This accessory is screwed onto the crutch at the right angle for your knee to rest on it. You don’t have to buy a whole new crutch; just this $60 accessory. Some consumers have complained about the cost, and big people don’t find it very good value for money.

It is great, however, for someone with a tight budget or who thought he would be on crutches for a short time and had to extend his use of them, but doesn’t want to pay for an upgrade to the Ergobaum or iWalk after all this time. The knee rest is adjustable and lightly padded; maybe too lightly padded. Consider wearing pants that cover your knee when you use this device.

Consumers over 6 feet tall and 250 lbs will potentially bend the frame of the Freedom Crutch and others have complained about sharp metal pieces. Obviously, the Freedom Crutch needs to go through some tweaking, but it’s a revelation to people of average weight and height and has given many people relief from crutch-related suffering.

Read our Freedom Crutch review HERE!

Buy the Freedom Crutch on HERE!

Introducing MouthMonsters Oil Pulling for Children

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MouthMonsters children’s mouthwash is an interesting new oil pulling product for children, made from organic coconut oil and other ingredients. The company has offices in both the UK and Australia.

Oil pulling has its roots in Ayurvedic medicine (3000 years old) and is well-regarded for the potency it offers. Tooth decay is not a new problem and has been around for centuries which is oil pulling has often been used to resolve this issue and enhance protective measures.

This process entails the use of natural oils to rinse the mouth of underlying toxins. It draws them out and eradicates any harmful bacteria.

Naturally whiten children's teeth!MouthMonsters is a new product providing a modernized oil pulling wash children can use to rinse their mouths and eliminate toxins.

Key Features

1) Mild Oil Pulling Wash For Kids
2) 100% Organic
3) Centuries Of Proven Testing
4) Includes Vitalock Virgin Coconut Oil
5) Flavored With Natural Mint And Strawberry
6) World’s Only Safe Children’s Mouthwash
7) Provide Worldwide Shipping
8) Comes In Sachet Form For Easy Use And Disposal

This is a power-packed mouthwash children can use to have squeaky clean mouths. It is time to brighten their smile and encourage the utilization of this high-grade mouthwash proven to deliver results.


What are the advantages of using this oil pulling wash? What does it bring to the table for a child? Numerous scientific benefits are making it a necessity for appropriate oral hygiene.

Here are the main advantages:

1) Removes Sugars From Oral Cavity
2) Protects And Strengthens Baby Teeth
3) Helps Prevent Toothaches
4) Removes Plaque Build Up
5) Fresh Breath
6) Eliminates Parasites And Bacteria In Mouth
7) Whitens Teeth
8) Reduces Toxic Load On Teeth

These are some of the main advantages associated with MouthMonsters and what is provided using this solution. It is a must to include this in a child’s routine to better their smile and increase the health of their teeth.

Why not include this as soon as possible to provide a meaningful solution that works in the long-term?

Buy MouthMonsters HERE!

Simple Use

How does one go about using this mouthwash? It comes in sachet form and is easy to pull out and use.

It is a four-step process for a child who is going to be using this mouthwash. These steps are going to include:

1) Pour Warm Water Over Sachet (Closed)
2) Tear Off Top Of Sachet
3) Pour Contents Into Mouth And Swish For 5-15 Minutes
4) Spit Into Bin And Brush Teeth

It is something a child can do without having to think long and hard. It is easy and adds tremendous value to their long-term health.

Vitalock Method

This is a patented method used for extracting coconut oil. It maximizes the quality of MouthMonster’s ingredients.

The best oil pulling product can only provide results when its core ingredients are organic and of the highest quality. With the “Vitalock” process engaged, MouthMonsters can maximize its ingredients and provide full value with every sachet.

It ensures consistency and enables adults to understand what they are providing children when putting in front of them.

This is a well-tested process and provides 100% organic results every single time. Only the best ingredients are used, and it begins with this patented process.

Adults Can Use It Too

What about adults? Is this reserved for children only? No, it can be used by everyone!

This is the magic of a natural solution such as this. It is made for all humans who want natural, high-quality teeth.

This is mouthwash that can replace any solution on the market and provide excellent results. The flavor is excellent and can provide a new twist to what is being done for oral hygiene purposes. It is safe enough for pregnant women to use as well.

This is the perfect compliment to any brushing routine a person has during the day.mouthmonsters-mintycoco-oil-pulling

The company also sells an “adult” version which is stronger named MintyCoco. More on this below…

Coconut Oil From Sri Lanka

Where does the coconut oil come from? It is harvested in Sri Lanka from the best farmers in the world. World-class processes are employed to make sure things run in a consistent manner, and the oil pulling remains efficient every single time.

There are regular tests done ensuring quality control.

Combined with the “Vitalock” method, this is a powerful ingredient which is not only authentic but potent at the same time. It is the number one oil pulling solution for those who are expecting nothing but the best.


What else does this brand have to offer those who are looking to maximize natural ingredients? The company has also released a product named “MintyCoco”.

This is an excellent product, which goes along with all other oral hygiene products. This is made for the purpose of adults. It is a stronger mouthwash using the same methods employed for MouthMonsters.

MintyCoco is a great addition to one’s routine and will prove to be equally effective. No additional ingredients are added to this mouthwash ensuring optimal results every single time. Adults who want quality will know this is the mouthwash to go with.

Buy MintyCoco HERE.

The Rainbow Centre In Sri Lanka

What makes this company unique? Is it the products alone? No, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes ensuring the world is a better place for everyone.

The company has donated its time and money to improving “The Rainbow Centre” in Sri Lanka, which is a registered charity supporting children living in extreme poverty. The charity helps children receive food, shelter, clothing, and educational resources.

The company prides itself on going the extra mile to assist those who provide it some of the finest coconut oil in the world.

If it is time to change an oral hygiene routine for children and adults, this is the option to go with. It is a power-packed mouthwash and provides world-class protection against plaque and bacteria. Why let these things fester on for long periods, when corrective measures can be taken?

A simple 5-10 minutes with this mouthwash is going to be significant in the long-term. It will provide meaningful value to those who want to have healthier, beautiful teeth. This is the option to go with for children and adults alike because it is safe, organic, and proven.

See our listings and any MouthMonsters coupon codes HERE!

What The Heck Are Nootropics?

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Say what? You haven’t heard of “Nootropics?” Don’t worry – neither did I until fairly recently! Nootropics is the title being given to a few drugs and supplements that are supposed help to improve cognitive motor function and perhaps more importantly, contribute to easing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s as well as ADHD. In spite of inconclusive research, they are becoming more of an option for easing such symptoms mentioned above.


There are a variety of nootropic supplements at Amazon – Click the image to see the choices!

The actual word Nootropic is a term that is frequently used for any supplement that a person takes to work for the brain function and cognitive ability.

If a product helps the person to focus or improve their alertness and relax, it is considered to be a nootropic.

The actual word Nootropic is Greek for “Toward the Mind.” As supplements are taken the goal is to improve the memory and function of the mind.

As more research is being done constantly, many are jumping on board in hopes of finding ways to reduce such symptoms with minimal side effects. Unfortunately, many of these supplements have serious side effects so more research is underway to help find how these drugs can be improved to help increase the good of the supplements and reduce the bad side effects.

What Are Nootropics?

In the United States, there are many dietary supplements that are safe and reliable for treating cognitive motor function as well as memory. There are also drugs that are stimulants that are believed to help improve the memory as a side effect.

According to a new law in the United States, if such supplements contain any drugs that claim to prevent or treat such conditions, they are now illegal. This leaves a lot of the information open to interpretation by the user which can be a dangerous way to determine if a supplement is safe to use for specific conditions.

Used to help alleviate cognitive motor conditions, these nootropics come in a wide array of forms and potencies that are believed by many to help such conditions. However, without the proper research, these supplements may or may not be helpful in treating these patients.

The Research on Nootropics

According to research, supplements may help mental/cognitive function, focus, memory, and other symptoms that frequent patients who struggle with Alzheimer’s, ADHD, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s disease.

They may improve how the brain functions and they may help to stall symptoms from worsening in patients of the above-mentioned conditions.

Other pharmaceuticals such as Adderall, lisdexamfetamine, and other amphetamine classified drugs may also be of benefit for such conditions. Interestingly, such drugs are frequently used for those with ADHD symptoms.

Researchers are always trying new drugs and combinations of drugs to help reduce symptoms and alleviate what they can in patients who are struggling with these health issues.

Some drugs and supplements can cause a myriad of serious side effects, others may not work as well on one patient as they do on others. Just as every disease and condition progress differently, every drug and supplement may have different results in patients.

Researchers want to find out why something works well for one patient and doesn’t work at all for another patient so more research is constantly underway to try and help them understand how these drugs and supplements are metabolized in the body.

Top Nootropics Brands

when it comes to supplements and drugs there are many to choose from. Some are old and very traditional while others are new or hybrids of other drugs or supplements that we’ve known about for decades.

Brite Focus

Brite Focus is unique in that not only does it comes in three formulas: BriteSMART, BriteSHIELF and BrightSHOT, but also because real doctors are recommending it to patients.

Not only that, but the company is using real clinical trials, including double-blind, placebo controlled studies to determine if Ceretrophin™ (the technical name for BriteSMART) is effective, and the results are very promising! You can see the information about this study for yourself here at the company’s page about the clinical trial.

BriteSMART is believed to help with your memory, focus, and concentration. Taken daily, this all natural formula has been available on the market for over 20 years.

BriteSHIELD protects, detoxes and restores the brain. It protects it from the daily stressors that can affect how a person perceives and deals with whatever life throws at them.

BriteSHOT works much like energy drinks work in that it helps to boost your energy midway through the day when you’re starting to lag. It protects the brain from neurotoxins, free radicals, and inflammation.

All three formulas may be used together or patients may choose to use one product over the others as a stand alone product.

Either way, the product is said to improve the brain function and the person’s ability to recall and remember things that once were evasive.

Click Here to See BriteFocus Coupon Codes and Specials


Lumonol is designed to raise the cognitive performance and enhance the memory. It helps to improve focus and speed up the time it takes the brain to remember and recall things.

The company emphasizes the ingredient Noopept (N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester), which they say is not only promotes stress relief, but also better cognitive health and memory – which is one of the primary reasons consumers are looking for these formulations.

For those who are struggling with issues of being able to focus, if they are easily distracted or struggle with poor memory or nervousness. If they struggle with fear or slowing down their thought process, if they are feeling as if their brain won’t stop and the thoughts keep coming, this product can help to reduce these feelings and more.

Lumonol allows the patient to relax and slow these thoughts and manage their anxiety. Lumonol is also designed with three specific formula’s.

Choose the formula that is tailored to meet specific needs. There is the Nootropic formula that is believed to help improve the mental abilities of those who take this supplement.

There is a formula called Lumonol prep for ages 8 to teens. This is to help them to focus and improve their cognitive abilities.

Lastly, there is the Lumonol Wisdom formula for those 60 and over. It helps to improve memory, energy, and clarity.

Click Here to see any Lumonol Coupon Codes and Specials



Click the Image to see OptiMind Nootropics at Amazon

For those wishing to boost energy and their mind, Optimind is believed to help them achieve focus and clarity.

Being able to focus helps a person to function at their prime regardless of the hour of the day. Whether a person is a night owl or an early bird, Optimind can help them to achieve their highest level of ability regardless of the time of day.

Taken as a supplement this can help to boost energy and the ability to recall and remember what is going on.

Note that caffeine is common to formulations such as this, so take note of this if you are sensitive to caffeine.

New IQ2 Nootropic Stack: Some Real Good Brain Food

As we’ve been seeing, nootropics are big business, and the subject places focus on healthy cognitive function after many years of hearing about obesity and heart disease. The iQ2 nootropic breakthrough proves that a much-loved substance is good for the brain and the whole body.

  • Raw, Unprocessed Cacao

Raw cacao contains numerous nutrients which perform a host of functions. Medical studies have uncovered the way this food, known and used for centuries in its native lands, acts as a natural stimulant.#1 rated nootropic

We also know why women often eat chocolate during their menstrual periods: raw cocoa is a mood enhancer and regulator. In other words, if your moods are out of balance, raw cocoa can help to stabilize them.

Antioxidants fight free radicals and raw cocoa is full of them too; more than other foods and drinks associated with polyphenols such as red wine.

Raw cacao inhibits bad cholesterol; thus, eating a little bit of it every day is an excellent way to protect the heart. Polyphenol supplements also contribute to the prevention of Type Two Diabetes and stroke.

  • Science and Society

We see the proof of these things in daily life, especially the mood-enhancing power of chocolate, but science stands behind the claims made above. Using nootropics which contain raw cacao powder has been shown to improve mental health, provide additional energy, and fight off disease.

  • An iQ2 No-brainer

There was no question that iQ2 would include raw cacao powder given what their research uncovered. It works with other essential ingredients to create a highly bioavailable supplement, reaching the brain rapidly. Use this supplement and expect to feel energized and focused.

  • What else is in the iQ2 nootropic stack?

This is the ingredient panel showing what’s in the iQ2 Nootropic Stack

The iQ2 nootropic supplement contains extracts which can be found naturally in salmon, eggs, bananas, apples, avocados, oranges, and more.

Some substances would normally only be taken as vitamins, such as vinpocetine for improved blood flow.

DMAE, found in fish, improves mental endurance. Choline — present in eggs — enhances memory, learning, and prevents memory loss due to age.

Most of the other ingredients also promote improved energy, concentration, and memory such as guarana, B-complex, and acetyl-L-carnitine found in dairy products.


  • How much does iQ2 cost?

Before applying any iQ2 coupon codes, a bottle of iQ2 Nootropic supplements will cost $59.95 for one or $49.95 on automatic delivery (plus free delivery in the US and Canada, which is a great value added service). We do know that the iQ2 Labs DOES offer occasional iQ2 coupon codes, and we place all active codes that are currently available for this product in its own spot here on the site!

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Readily available without a prescription, this product by Neuro Laboratories is believed to help patients focus and hold their attention.

Seven years ago, Archie Marks created this original formula. He designed it to help boost his neurotransmitter function, improve his memory and help improve his memory. As he worked on this product, it was also noted that it helped to improve anxiety, improve concentration and restore feelings of confidence.

NITROvit has quickly become a favorite among others who are trying to improve their memories as well as their cognitive function. Another reason that may be attributed to NITROvit’s popularity if that  Neuro Laboratories is proud to announce exactly what is in the product, and they refuse to hide behind the term “proprietary formula.”

Consumers know exactly what is in the product – and this is certain to engender a sense of confidence and trust. Read more about this and their other policies at the site.

According to research, it shows that the supplement helps to improve ADHD symptoms, reduce the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s and it helps to balance the brain nutrients that affect the aging process.

For those who are struggling with memory retention, this product is said to help to restore that function. It improves blood flow to the brain and restores most function to the brain.

What might be in a typical nootropic stack?

In many of the supplements we have talked about, you might see something that is often referred to as a “nootropic stack,” and some of the following ingredients will be bundled together:

Ginkgo Biloba
Panax Ginseng
Alpha GPC
Acetyl L-Carnitine
Phosphatidyl Serine
Vitamin B12

In a Lumonol “Energy Blend,” for example, you’ll see Guarana, Hordenine, Vitamin B12 and Panax Ginseng.

In their “Focus Blend,” you will see “Noopept” (N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester), L-Tyrosine, Acetyl L-Carnitine, and Phosphatidyl Serine.

In their “Memory Blend,” you’ll see Alpha GPC and Ginkgo Biloba.

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Is Solubility Important?

Some supplements are water soluble while others are fat soluble. If you’re unsure, you’ll want to find out.

Water solubles are perfect for taking or mixing with water. When they are in powdered form they will dissolve easily in water and mix well.

On the other hand, fat soluble products will not mix well with water. They will clump and not dissolve.

A solution for a fat soluble product would be to take it with a glass of milk or mix that powder into the glass of milk.

It will then dissolve and be able to mix and blend into the product so that it can be easily ingested and digested in the body.

Typically, most supplements are a fat soluble. An additional benefit to fat soluble products is that they will last longer in the body and thus provide a longer benefit to the body.

Should Nootropics Be Taken With Food?

Just as many of your medications should be taken on an empty stomach or with food, so should nootropics.

The trick is to remember that water soluble products should be taken on an empty stomach. This way they get into your system much more quickly to provide the benefits that your body needs.

On the other hand, fat soluble products should be taken with food. They will bind to the fats and process through the body much more quickly thus providing the nutrients that the body requires.

Another option for fat soluble products is to take a fish oil supplement about 15 minutes after eating. This will help give the product something to bind to and provide the body with the extra boost that it requres to process the nootropic.

Sublingual vs Ingesting

Some products might be taken sublingually. Sublingual simply means that you place the substance underneath of the tongue and allow it to dissolve or absorb.

Sublingual products pass directly into the bloodstream avoiding the liver as well as the stomach. This means that they enter the system much more quickly and will begin to work faster.

If a product must first pass through the liver or the stomach, it is going to take longer for it to process through the body. It must first pass through the stomach and be digested before it can begin to work as it should in the body.

This time frame can take a few hours in some individuals. If taking products like this it’s wise to factor the digestion time in prior to ingesting so that the product is taken in plenty of time before it is required by the body.

With so many options on the market today, it’s no wonder that people struggle to understand which nootropic supplement is best for their specific needs.

Trial and Error

For others, it will take a bit more of trial and error to completely determine which product is best and which one will fit their needs most closely.

Other products and supplements tout their ability to help improve the memory but they have little scientific evidence to back it up. Without hard concrete scientific evidence, there is minimal chance that these supplements can actually improve the memory, help people to focus and relax.

With commercial prescribed medications such as these, many patients find that they are misusing them. Not all of this misuse is intentional, some patients don’t realize how potent these medications and drugs are.

They feel as if the medication isn’t working and in an attempt to make it work they inadvertently overdose. Other times, they take their prescriptions incorrectly and thus bring other issues on to their health.

Often, patients are on the path of discovery for what will work for their needs. Some medications and supplements shouldn’t be taken together.

Every effort should be taken to understand how the supplement and medications will interact. It’s important that patients tell their doctor if they are taking any supplements in addition to the prescribed medications that they are taking.

Although many of the nootropics have had limited studies done in humans, they are believed to provide improved brain function.

The brain is an organ in the body that is largely unknown. It helps to manage how everything else in the body functions. From language to motion, the brain is always at work, even when people are asleep.

By providing the brain with supplemental support, the cognitive function, as well as the memory are improved.

Clearly nootropics have a lot of responsibility to the body and to the brain. Helping to clarify and maintain focus as well as improve energy and overall well being, many are turning to this supplement as a way to improve their brain function as well as their cognitive abilities and many medical conditions.

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