Neck Hammock Discount Code: 10% off!

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If you see our first Neck Hammock review video, where we just ordered our own device (below), you’ll see that we applied a Neck Hammock discount code and saved 10% – and you can too! (Yup, I just bought one for myself!) We here at MyFavDeals are loving everything we see about the Neck Hammock.

In the video, you’ll see why I ordered this – which in more exact terms is a “cervical traction device” for personal use (If you don’t want to watch the video, basically what happened is my neck went out – in tandem with a recurring sciatic issue in my lower back that kicks in every couple of years or so. It’s my hope that the Neck Hammock will alleviate the burning in my upper back/neck).

In addition, I just dealt with customer service and they were fabulous! Shop in confidence.

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