Varidesk Pro 48 (AND Pro Plus 48) Review and Discussion – FREE SHIPPING on Amazon

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If you are reading reviews and considering purchasing the acclaimed Varidesk Pro 48 ($495 + Free Shipping), it may help you to know that I have owned a Varidesk for a number of years, and can assure you that regardless of whether you purchase it here on Amazon or anywhere else, you will be paying the exact same price (**See our note below this review).


Varidesk Pro 48 at Amazon! Click the Picture to go DIRECTLY to the product page at Amazon!

Anyway, as we look at the Varidesk, first picture the typical desk. A large desk is a busy place full of machines, paperwork, and coffee cups. Having a riser at your desk satisfies two needs: making more space for all of the gear by moving vertically; and allowing you to also move vertically while still working.

Standing to Work

The idea of standing and typing doesn’t sound appealing to most individuals, but they aren’t picturing the Varidesk Pro 48 desk riser. This item’s height can be adjusted to travel upwards with the office worker who wishes to change his posture, stretch a little, and continue to work.

There are too many demands on one’s time to simply take a break every half hour and move around. Stand up, then sit down again in half an hour or 45 minutes. Choose any interval you like with the Pro 48 which takes just seconds to raise and lower.

How the Pro 48 Works

Varidesk adjustable height desk risers are spring-loaded. Arms on each side are activated to make a surface go up and down, supporting as much as 45 pounds. A keyboard weighs almost nothing and so does the mouse. That leaves plenty of leeway for one and even two monitors.


Click the Image of the Pro PLUS 48 to head right over to the Amazon page!

Set them side by side on the riser behind your keyboard and there is still plenty of room on this 4-foot wide desk topper. By the way: The only difference between this model and the Varidesk Pro Plus 48 is that the Pro Plus comes with a keyboard surface which sits at a lower height some people find more natural (see the Pro Plus 48 here, or by clicking the photo below).

Personally, the Pro PLUS 48 is really the one I’d be going for at this point, given the more adjustable keyboard lift.

No Tools (works for me!) 🙂

When the Pro 48 arrives, it will be stored flat in a box and measures roughly 5 x 48 x 26 inches. Activate the arms and this will go up to 15.5 inches in height, stopping at various levels to accommodate different standing and sitting heights. No fasteners are required to keep it steady on a desk or table. Its own weight provides balance. Simply lower the Varidesk Pro 48 to its flat state once more to move your work location!

It truly IS that easy!

Click ->HERE<- to buy the Pro 48 on Amazon!

Click ->HERE<- to buy the Pro PLUS 48 on Amazon!

**NOTE: It is true that the prices are the exact same for Varidesks, regardless if you purchase through Amazon, through the company itself, or anywhere else (unless, of course, you’re buying it at a yard sale type of situation!). The pricing structure has been explained by Varidesk, and they also do NOT have coupon codes – so, if you do decide to buy, and if you use our link, we are very appreciative of your support! We may get a commission when you buy through the links we provide, and those commissions definitely help us keep up the work we’re doing here! So, thank you for that support!


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