COOL! $19.97 for Survival Frog LUCI SOLAR AIR LANTERN! (Save MORE if you Buy More!)

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This inflatable Luci Solar Air Lantern Cube by Survival Frog is definitely one of THE coolest items we’ve listed here since we discovered the SolSource solar cooker by One Earth Designs! Anytime we find energy saving and eco-friendly devices, we’re interested.

And, another great thing about stuff like this is that it works when the power grid does NOT. Buy ONE lantern and pay $19.97 (50% off the 2nd one!) – and if you buy more than one, you’ll get a FREE survival kit.

Buy 2, and the 2nd one is 50% off. By THREE or more, shipping is free.

VISIT the Solar Air Lantern page HERE

The fact that Survival Frog is saying you’ll get 12 hours of light out of this is pretty impressive. Where I live, I rarely need auxiliary lighting for 12 hours since I’m typically asleep during those dark hours, but it’s impressive.

One place where I can definitely see this being useful is if someone is lost or in a real emergency where a light like this could help signal for help.

So, the Luci Solar Air Lantern is compact, and perfect for a survival or emergency kit, sure… but it’s also awesome for camping or just using in general. This cool item inflates to about 4″ tall (and deflates to only about 1″), so you can fit it almost anywhere.

I’ve seen the Luci Solar Air Lantern in action

A few months ago, a friend of mine was visiting, and we went outside to get some tomatoes from the vine as it was getting dark. We don’t have a light in the front, but my friend said, “Oh wait! I’ve got Luci!” I couldn’t believe my eyes when she brought out THE one and only Luci air lantern!

It ROCKS! Totally! I tried to take a photo of it in action, but all I got was a glare. I’ll work on getting another photo though.

Let us break down this deal for you so you can see what suits you best – by the way, you do not need any coupon codes for this.

Our link brings you directly to the page for the Survival Frog Luci Solar Air Lantern, where the prices are extremely upfront. In fact, why don’t I just take a screenshot from the page where you’ll see the deal? You can click the image to visit the page, too (or just CLICK HERE).

I believe that this is a must-have item for every single household’s emergency kit.

Get it now BEFORE you need it! (Besides, it’s fun to have around.) Click Here!