WOW! VersaDesk Power Pro is an Electric Varidesk Alternative

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This is a really cool offering from VersaDesk, one of the best standing computer desks available – comparable to VariDesk, but has the electric “lift” so that you don’t have to do the lifting or lowering of the adjustable desktop. See the VersiDesk Power Pro 40″ model HERE on Amazon!

Note, the VersaDesk is also available in a corner model – See it on Amazon: VersaDesk Power Pro Corner – 36″!

Your team will now be able to go from sitting to standing to the perfect height for each person at the mere push of a button. This is a great opportunity to own this adjustable workstation at a huge discount.

VersaDesk uses eco-friendly manufacturing practices, without any harmful vapors, chemicals or processes! That’s good for the environment, and it’s good for your team as well! Everyone wins!

By the way, the VersaDesk comes pre-assembled and ready to use right out of the box, so there is virtually no downtime to get this set up. It sits right on top of the existing desk.

Check out this excellent standing desk solution here at: VersaDesk Power Pro 40″ on Amazon here!

VersaDesk Power Pro 40"


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