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Get Warren Thatcher’s shipping container home plans book, “Build a Container Home” and 3D layout for only $47! Warren is highly experienced in this field as both a builder and designer, and his guide, Build a Container Home is extremely popular – not only among “off the grid” folks, but people who are tired of the ridiculously high costs of buying a new, traditional home (yeah, even in this day of post-real-estate-bubbles).

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Think you might want to build a container home? Click This Image to learn more about this “green” building trend, and get some shipping container home plans today!

Using old (or new) containers – you know, the types of shipping containers you see on trucks, railway cars or on cargo vessels – is a growing trend in “green building.” And, due to the nature of their design (a typical sized container can be 20 or 40 feet long x 8 feet wide x 8 feet in height – though you may be able to find some containers higher than 8 feet), there are so many combinations open to you when it comes to designing your layout – and they can be stacked, too as you’ll learn in Mr. Thatcher’s guide.

He doesn’t just give you 15 different 3-D layouts, but also tips on acquiring the right shipping containers (no, they AREN’T all the same!), electrical layouts (with diagrams), and more. It’s just too unique to pass up! Take a look at and get your shipping container home plans today!


PS: This is also a very handy resource for you professional builders whose clients are looking for something unusual and different, but can’t do it themselves. Get yourself up to speed on this unique concept! One of the things we noticed as we began researching this green building trend was that people who have built them wished they could have found a contractor who understands shipping container buildings!

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