NEW Vape and DELTA 8 DELTA 10 Products Listed at VaporFi (Coupons Not Needed)

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Coupon Details

First, to get this out of the way, VaporFi coupons are NOT needed in the sales I’m about to show you (EXCEPT if you are brand new to VaporFi, in which case you can join their newsletter and activate a 15% off code – you’ll see that option on their home page). Also, while VaporFi promo codes are SOMETIMES offered (e.g. special holday sales, etc), for the most part they don’t have them due to their low-price promise. (Remember, this is the same as the old Direct Vapor promise – and you’re probably noticing that Direct Vapor recently merged with VaporFi, so they are now one and the same).

With that out of the way, let’s check out the “What’s New and Exciting” category of vapes! Here is a small look at what has been bringing in (we’re in January 2024 now)! Click’s “what’s new” page here, and you’ll see either new-to-market vape products as well as products that have been recently added to the Direct Vapor inventory.

DELTA 8 and DELTA 10 are HERE!

Recently added to the lineup! Delta 8 and Delta 10 products! Check out the Delta page HERE and you’ll see a wonderful variety of Disposables, Edibles, Flower, and Cartridges! This is relatively new to VaporFi, and I personally enjoy Delta 8 edibles (haven’t tried the D10 yet, but I do like D8).

Some of the Delta brands I’m seeing at the time of this writing include:

VaporFi Brands

Ok, so for today (I’m updating this on January 3, 2024), I’m seeing some stuff I haven’t seen before. (BTW: If you are looking for VaporFi e-liquids, check out the main VaporFi Site HERE. If you are a regular VaporFi customer, you already know that they are well-known in the industry for their e-liquid blends. Anyway, also on sale, I’m seeing (and this is just a small sampling):

  • A LOT of nic salts and e-liquids by MRKT PLCE,
  • Also a lot of Jam Monster,
  • Coastal Clouds,
  • Aqua,
  • a bunch of new nic salts by Barista Brew,
  • VaporShark,
  • InneVape, and a lot more. They have hundreds of items listed – just in the E-liquids.

VaporFi Low Price Promise

As always, you shop in confidence with VaporFi because they know you have a choice to shop anywhere – and they want your business. So, you get their “No Clone Zone” and “low price” promises along with free shipping. Definitely one of the best vape companies around.

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