BOOM! BLAST OFF with 12% Off VaporFi Rocket 3 Starter Kit: Colors Or Stealth

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This is a WAY HOT Deal folks! Take 12% off with this AUTOMATIC VaporFi Rocket 3 Starter Kit coupon code! YESIREE… Just CLICK HERE and you’ll notice that the 12% is automatically applied – I love it when companies do that, and Vaporfi is of course one of our favorites (as you know if you have read our latest, very current Vaporfi review here).

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vaporfi-rocket-3-starter-kit-coupon-codeAnyhoo… Let’s give you a bit of a Rocket 3 Starter Kit review here. Based on what the public has to say about the VaporFi Rocket 3, there is a good chance you will like it. Ratings are consistently in the 4- to 5-star region, which is promising. One client mentioned some leaking issues through the adjustable airflow valve, but you’ll be using the thicker e liquid which he says is helpful with this upgraded VaporFi product. So just what is the Rocket 3?

VaporFi Rocket 3 Battery

The bottom part is a 2500mAh battery pumping a lot of power into the coil of your tank. An LED light on the battery tells you when there is a change in wattage to activate more power and achieve greater vapor volume. Although this simple, slim pen features a single button, it wouldn’t pay to underestimate any VaporFi powerhouse.

Rocket 3 Tank

At the top, the tank provides sub ohm and temperature-sensitive coil options. These include a 0.5-ohm heating coil already in the tank and a replacement rated 0.1 ohms made from Nickel 200, a temperature-sensitive metal which will make your Rocket 3 battery more efficient and will burn down more slowly than metals like Kanthal and NiChrome. This 3.5-ml tank is filled from the top for optimal convenience

A large window in the tank gives you a visual snapshot of your e juice situation any time. See when it’s time to re-fill before your coils go dry. Atop the tank, you will see a wide-bore stainless steel drip tip, its diameter allowing lots of vapor to escape.

What You Get in the Rocket 3 Starter Kit by VaporFi

This set comes with a battery and tank, the coil pre-installed as noted above and the extra coil, but you can add more coils to the kit if you want to prepare yourself for the next several weeks of vaping. The battery is recharged by plugging it into a computer or other USB source with the cable provided in your kit. This set also gives the vaper additional O-rings: two more to prevent leaks as the original ones become loose.

With the Rocket 3 Starter Kit, customers enjoy a lot of the features of a high-tech system but not the complications of extra buttons and there is no need for a screen; the device is self-regulating. Select a color too: purple, blue or red for fun; stainless steel, black, or white for stealth. Once you get into the higher-powered devices, there are hardly any vivid choices available, so take your chance while you have it. The price without extras (AND BEFORE our AUTOMATIC 12% off Code) is $89.99. Add coils and e liquid for a full set.

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