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Lumonol Review – Part 1 – Why I’m Buying this Nootropic: An Introduction

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Before I dive into a full Lumonol review, I want to give readers here at MyFavDeals a bit of background – not only about my particular reasons for buying and trying the product, but also about WHY we bought it (instead of requesting a free sample or discount).

So, first of all, we want to say right up front that we paid for the products, and we did not ask for, nor were we given any special discounts. We just wanted to get that out of the way – and in fact, you can see our payment receipts. Martin’s is to the right, and mine is down and to the left…lumonol-purchase-receipt-martin

Now, of course because we are in the business of marketing products and services, we definitely do sometimes receive discounts or free trials of a product from a vendor – but that is not the norm for us.

And this is one of those times where we purchased the product at full price.

There is a reason we do a lot of our reviews this way…

And that reason is so that we can give our truest impressions without feeling any type of stress to simply gush about how wonderful a product is. There are enough reviews out there like that already, and so want to report to our readers some of the type of feedback that can only really be a result of an actual purchase – from the moment we visit the website to the moment we complete our experience with the product or service.

So, we will each be receiving our supplements in a few days, and we will each use it for about a month. Then we’ll put together the full review.

During that month, we will be sharing notes and anything that we discover along the way!

Let’s have a quick look at one of the reasons why we are so intrigued about Lumonol to begin with.

I would have to say that Martin pretty much started it, because he has ordered a number of “brain supplements” in the past, and he’s the one who brought Lumonol to my attention to begin with. It has a good reputation, and its “nootropic stack” appeared to us to be fairly well “itemized” if that makes sense.

For example, there are three primary components to the supplement:

  • 1 for energy,
  • 1 for focus (a HUGE issue for me personally),
  • and 1 for memory.

lumonol-purchase-receipt-kathyMartin was sure that the standard Lumonol blend would be good for him, so that’s what he ordered. I went back and forth between whether or not to order the “Wisdom” blend, designed for people 60 and over. I’m 57 at the time of this writing, so I thought that Lumonol Wisdom might be a good choice.

However, after I compared both, I, too decided on the standard product.

I did add the Lumonol Smart Drink powder to my order (it mixes in water) – so that I could split my doses and adjust how much I’m taking a little more easily.

What I mean is that let’s say I take one capsule in the morning, and then want to take the second dose a little later, if I want to take say the equivalent of only half a tablet, I can do that by using less than a full scoop of the powder. Hopefully that makes sense!

And, the reason for this is that Lumonol contains Guarana, which is part of the energy stack, and is a natural form of caffeine. I’m going to carefully watch how I feel with a supplement that has caffeine. I’m not a heavy coffee or tea drinker, so this is going to be something I am carefully going to note.

Another thing I want to point out is something called Neurogenesis.

If you haven’t heard about this – where our brains are able to grow new neurons, you may find this TED Talk by Neuroscientist Sandrine Thuret quite interesting. Ms. Thuret explains some of the factors affecting our brains.

Because I have made the assumption that you are at this article because you are interested in brain health, this is something that you may wish to view. The video is only 11 minutes long, but is chock full of very usable information. I’ve tucked the video down the page, just below this article.

I will be back with our impressions and a discussion about what differences – if any – I can detect after using Lumonol for a while.

Please check back soon! Our Lumonol Review is now Live!

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(In the meantime, if Lumonol ever offers coupon codes or deals, we’ll post them in THIS section here.

Brain Nutrition And BriteFocus Supplements – BriteSMART Review (Including BriteSHIELD)

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A company from Tustin, California, called BriteFocus aims to make a positive contribution to brain health across the country. Their supplements are designed to support brain health, including complete programs which, as they say at their website, “address the decline of mental acuity during the aging process.” The products we’ll be reviewing today include their flagship BriteSMART, BriteSHOT, and BriteSHIELD supplements (see one of our product listings for HERE)

The Research

A controlled, double-blind study using placebos was initiated in order to determine the truth about supplements found at BriteFocus. They determined the role of these products in enhancing “cognitive function, energy, state-of-mind and mood” according to the website, specifically Ceretrophin found in BriteSMART tablets. The report was in-depth and revealed positive, encouraging results.

What Are BriteFocus Products for?

The focus on neurological health distinguishes this fast-growing company from others addressing manifold issues such as bone care, heart health, and mood disorders. Items sold at BriteFocus meet stringent quality control expectations and are made in a facility which complies with FDA regulations as well.
Brite Focus FDA Approved
What Are Some Major Brain Problems?

The big one is memory. As we get older, our brains lose their ability to recall information in the short-term like what we ate for breakfast, but not our first day of school. This can be a sign of distraction caused by the long list of tasks in an adult’s day, but sometimes these are indicators of age-related problems like Dementia.

Hope for the Brain

Contrary to popular belief, the damage can be undone. It’s possible not just to halt degeneration but also reverse it and gain back some of your mental acuity by eating right and/or taking focused supplements. Start in your late 40s, if possible, or even before. People of every age can benefit from better brain health to regulate memory, moods, and more. Doctors recommend this brand particularly for its effectiveness in stopping the mental signs of aging.

Products from BriteFocus


from: BriteFocus, inc.BriteSMART uses the ingredients in BriteSHOT (see below) to increase memory, enable brain metabolism, improve oxygen delivery to the brain, and more. BriteSHIELD contains Curcumin, N-Acetyl-Cysteine, Quercetin, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, Resveratrol, and B12. The first two are the main ingredients. They act as antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories, protecting the brain, and supplying support to mitochondria involved in breathing and producing energy. The other ingredients contribute to these processes.

Bonus Bundle

Enhance brain nutrition and resist aging with BriteSMART and BriteSHIELD together. As a team, they are more effective than individually and each bottle works out to cost less as part of a bundle too. Natural ingredients available for 20 years go into the making of these superior supplements available to all adults, male and female, but do ask your doctor if you should take them if you are pregnant or have an existing health concern. When taken together, your memory will be more agile, you will become more energetic, sleep better, feel happier, and you could wind up with the brain of a much younger person.

Ready-to-drink Formula

BriteSHOT is a drink that supports your mental strength. It is ready to go from the bottle with no mixing required and not an energy drink as such. Although your energy will probably be increased, this is not a result of consuming concentrated amounts of caffeine as with an energy drink. BriteFocus provides a blend of natural ingredients to reduce stress and make you feel happier. The primary ingredient is L-Carnitine which is an antioxidant linked to better memory and focus, better sleep, and allows the brain to use glucose more effectively. Other ingredients are Alpha Lipoic Acid, Huperzine A, Rhodiola, and Vinpocetine. You know L-Carnitine is good stuff by the fact that bodybuilders use it to maintain concentration and reduce fatigue. Take these with you when you go to the gym or on a long hike to replenish nutrients your body uses during arduous exercise or for tasty hydration during a long journey.

Auto-shipment Option

There are three ways to approach an online purchase. One is to buy samples or small bottles where these are available. Another is to buy the biggest format or even multiple bottles at once, thus saving money and the hassle of re-ordering. A third choice is to sign up for auto-shipments. These arrive at your door at regular intervals and you don’t have to think about placing the order once more. BriteFocus uses existing details to continue sending out the memory-making formulae that have been helping a generation of 65+ men and women stay sharp.
Brite Focus FDA Approved