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The Cape Cod Bracelet Phenomenon

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Who is wearing what in the celebrity world today? Pay close attention: it is going to cause a stir in the fashion world whether you are looking at watches, fitness bands, earrings, bracelets, or clothes. While many of those trends will be traced back to a big design house, some will be connected to a small business and shocked artists who had no idea his creation would cause such a stir. The Cape Cod Bracelet has been around for years but what caused its popularity to soar was not the design so much as who was seen loving this design on the small screen.

John Carey’s Famous Fan
An actress from a popular TV show who graduated in the area where Carey’s shop is located was spotted wearing her own Cape Cod Bracelet. This article of jewelry became part of her on-screen outfit; an accessory she did not remove for a long time. When this was spotted by fans of the show, lots of them wanted to know where they could get a bracelet just like it. So what is the Cape Cod Bracelet?

A Simple Design

It is nothing flashy; just something John Carey came up with three decades ago and which met with modest success at the time. He made it for a child in such a way that it wouldn’t fall off the child’s wrist. His band is made from gold or silver, so its quality is indisputable. The two ends are held in place by a screwball and, in some versions, there is a second screwball. Nothing could be simpler, yet that’s what the current generation goes for. They love minimalism and find simplicity more sophisticated than complex designs.

Since its debut on television, this design has become a star in its own right. Carey’s star was also destined to rise. He went from small-business owner to an exhausted artisan struggling to keep up with demand. In an effort to satisfy respectful customers, this ordinary man with modest ambitions had to get help from those closest to him and also enlarge his premises.

What Happened as a Result of TV Fame?


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After the bracelet’s popularity started to increase, Eden Hand Arts, Carey’s shop, became a very busy place and too small for the bustle going on inside. Everyone wanted their own Cape Cod Bracelet which has also been called the Dennis bracelet named for the Massachusetts town where this shop can be found. Carey’s shop, opened nearly 50 years ago, always had an appeal of its own, like a lot of quirky art shops do with their unique pottery and other functional pieces.

The result of sudden fame, however, was to alter the gentle course of a part-time career. Eden Hand Arts turned into a tourist attraction, something it was never designed for and not what they really desired. Carey and his wife Eve don’t even advertise their store or its wares.

Trouble with the Locals

Their newfound popularity caused problems. Many local people were unhappy because of traffic issues and the police had to become involved. One can imagine how uncomfortable that would have been for the mild-mannered artists. There was no room to park at their old premises, before they moved, and even this newer shop is a little small, perhaps to discourage large numbers of customers from coming to visit.

It’s all a little bit much for a small town and inhabitants not accustomed to so much fame. Historic Dennis, part of Yarmouth, is known for its shipping past, its Museum of Art, interesting historic buildings, whale watching, and a love of the arts in general. This coastal location draws families and history buffs, but not crowds of fashion-minded shoppers.

Spreading the Load

John Carey went from making all of his own work to hiring someone to help him keep up with demand. Helpers make a bracelet in one hour, custom-fitted so that it will fit the individual without falling off. People line up for more than 2 hours to get theirs, especially on a Saturday, and the Cape Cod Bracelet has become a trendy “must-have” for visitors, locals, and locals’ friends.

Local Legend

This bracelet was once something that locals considered their own. It wasn’t known or purchased by foreigners. People didn’t come to Dennis to find this little shop in a garage over the owners’ home; their shop isn’t listed as a tourist attraction on the town’s website. Quality sells itself, however, and word has spread.

Continued Artistic Endeavors

Before their shop became so popular, Eden Hand Arts was just a small business where two teachers, now retired, could sell what they made. They operated the business until 2001 when a daughter took over. She and her mother are both potters. The daughter continues with her artistry while her husband makes those famous bracelets. Some customers own multiple bracelets and matching accessories. Meanwhile, John and Eve Carey still create items which are sold in the shop even though they are in their 80s.

Eden Hand Arts remains open from 10 to 5 but only from May until December. It’s a seasonal shop, a little quieter mid-week, but potentially nuts on Saturdays. It seems ironic that any business would eschew publicity, but that’s how they feel. Telling more people creates additional problems they just don’t want for themselves or the town. Whatever ambitions other jewelers and artisans have for their talents, these modest Massachusetts people really only want to do what they love.

Patent Pending

John Carey and his family have tried to secure a patent for his bracelet. Success has eluded them so far in this department though they continue. Meanwhile the business has spread further north and west, even to Vancouver Island, BC. One family member sells similar jewelry from a shop they call Eden Northwest with the family’s blessing. They learned from John Carey and now copy his methods for online customers. This is another way to obtain the style if not the experience.

Other stores near Dennis sell representations of the original. Inspired by Carey’s Cape Cod or Dennis Bracelet, they bear some resemblance and are fairly good quality. One day, the family believes cheap copies will inevitably appear.

Inspiring Creativity With Kiwi Crate

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Not every parent has the knack for creativity. Ideas look good in books or Pinterest, but try putting them to into practice and the process becomes too confusing. The desired result resembles an explosion at a glue factory. That’s why Kiwi Crate is such a great product. You know your kids better than anyone and what they might be interested in; the projects that would engage them. Sandra at Kiwi Crate looks after everything else.

What is Kiwi Crate?

A trend has begun in the USA whereby consumers can do-it-themselves while skipping step one: buying the materials they need. This goes for subscriptions like the Meal Time Box but also a lot of small craft and household projects one can purchase at DIY, craft, and hardware stores. The makers of a “box” put together everything you need: paper and glue; ingredients for soup; nuts, bolts, hinges, and wood to make a jewelry box. Consumers still do all the work without having to figure out where they buy all the stuff they need. That first step is often daunting enough to put paid to any inspired crafting, gift-building, or meal making.


First of all, it is tempting when you are confused or short on time to skip a step which turns out to be crucial. Another temptation is swapping the ideal ingredients or material for whatever you have lying around. The result isn’t quite what you expected and that is a discouraging waste of time and money.

Kiwi Crate is a great idea because it is fast, convenient, and you don’t have to go shopping at all. Order a single box, monthly shipments, or even pick one out as a gift any time of day or night over the internet. These make practical gift-giving ideas for friends with children or can be sent directly to children who love to build and create. The crates grow with a child too; they become more complex and rewarding as children’s expectations also become sophisticated. Parents could even argue that the contents complement school work, especially fine arts and sciences.


There aren’t a lot of negatives in a product like this one. It can be cost effective if you stick with the brand, but expensive if you don’t. Also, Kiwi Crate is only worthwhile if you plan to follow through. Finally, the craft has been structured so this might seem creatively limiting, but anyone who thinks this way would buy her own materials and build the project independently anyway. For a newbie to the craft scene, this product has a lot going for it and is bound to continue growing. As it grows, so will the opportunities.

Kiwi Approach

At Kiwi Crate, several people are involved in creating boxes and they aren’t necessarily professionals with degrees in engineering or teaching. Parents take part in curating the boxes and youngsters try them out. Consumers who would potentially use these DIY items have the final say about what will or will not work. With this sensible approach, Kiwi Crate has grown from a mother’s kitchen table to an online store.

Types of Boxes

The Kiwi Crate concept is divided by age starting with the smallest kids and moving up to teens. The four brands are Koala, Kiwi, Doodle, and Tinker Crates, each of which represents a particular type of exercise and age. Koalas are preschoolers learning through play which is the best way to become students without really knowing it. Kiwis enjoy learning that doesn’t have to go anywhere in particular; their crafts are more about getting their hands dirty and experimenting with materials, although each box comes with a precise project which does possess practical purpose. At the Doodle level, you see tweens exploring art and developing their skills in this area. Crates come with progressive materials to build on a student’s knowledge and abilities. The fourth crate is designed for the oldest group, teens who want to create stuff they can use; items that move or light up or both. These bring science and mechanics to life. Crates arrive with materials, instructions, and a magazine for further craft-related reading.

Kiwi Costs

A crate starts at $24.98 for one shipment. This is the way to go if you just want a kick-start into the world of crafting. After seeing how it is done, you can take the reins from here and build your own box of crafting or engineering goodies. If you are challenged in this regard, but appreciate the value of projects like the ones you see at Kiwi Crate, sign up for a monthly subscription. This will give you and your little ones something to look forward to. The cost per box is reduced when you subscribe for multiple months of fun.

Obviously, buying or finding these goods and tools you need without relying on a service of this kind is cheaper. That’s fine if you know what to look for or ideas pop out at you all the time because that’s the way your creative mind works. If not, there are ways to save. One way is to sign up for a newsletter which will be delivered electronically. This works like a coupon so that customers receive a discount on their first order. Also, shipping is free, so there is another fee you don’t have to factor into the cost.

Has someone given you a gift card? Use this to get to know the company. At the same time, your friend could get a discount for referring you to this e-Commerce shop. Finally, affiliates with a strong creative bent who know how to sell the joy of crafting and building with kids will have the opportunity to promote the brand and make some money. Affiliates need a website, so if you like the Kiwi Crate concept and already run a crafting blog, name this company in your next article and provide a link after you have signed up to earn commission with Kiwi Crate.


This is an ingenious idea from a mom with two children. She took the “work from home” model and turned it into something unique. Her motif is a flightless kiwi bird, but she gave it wings to fly.

Amazing FiberFix Fixes Everything

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Nutritionists tell everyone to eat enough fiber, but you didn’t know DIY experts were into the fiber trend, did you? This is not an edible fiber, though, and not the sort you find in a grocery store. We are talking about FiberFix and this review will reveal why every household needs some in their lives.

Caveat for Shoppers

Just a word of caution before we get too deeply into this review. There is a good chance that once you read the following article, you will want to rush out and buy some; not a bad idea. I recommend you treat this stuff with the sort of caution reserved for crazy glue and cigarette lighters. Children and FiberFix do not mix unless you really want them to stay put somewhere. When it hardens, no parent would want to be trying to get this material off of skin, trying to rip it from furniture, or attempting to unwrap it from around the cat. Read further and you will see what I mean.

First, a Little Bit of Background

FiberFix comes from a US team of engineers and innovators including Spencer Quinn. He was looking for materials that would work like medical tape but would be moisture proof and bond fully. This would involve finding a resin to make their tape many times stronger than duct tape. The team launched their product, took it to Shark Tank, and it became a huge hit. Investment money took them to the next level and they went from selling in over a thousand stores to getting their product into more than 30,000 locations.

This tape really is far more durable than duct tape; it has been subjected to testing under university conditions and the veracity of Quinn’s claims that it is “100 times stronger than duct tape” are revealed to be an understatement every time someone finds a new way to use it. Not every surface is suitable, especially flat surfaces, and shiny ones will have to be roughened first, but try everything from tools to the chassis of your car and see what Quinn’s project is capable of. Always wear gloves first, though; if the resin gets on your skin it has to be scrubbed off with an abrasive surface or you can wait for nature to have its way and for dead cells to take FiberFix with it.

Answers to Questions

One of the best resources for information is the FAQ section from the FiberFix website. Here you will find out how it works by exploring customer’s most common questions. For example, any adult can use this product. No tools are required but one should always apply a bit of common sense. Prepare the area ahead of time. Know what you want to fix and have someone around to help keep parts straight. For instance, if you are re-attaching the leg of a chair, you want the two parts to fit neatly together because the only way to break the bond once set is to break the chair leg.

Best Fiber Fixes

It is best used as a wrap, not as a hole patch. New products from the same company have been released to address those types of fixes, but we will get to those in a minute. The original stuff is best for curves and the product should form layers. Resin forms a solid bond.

How It Works

How does it work? Cut FiberFix from its roll. Get it wet and wrap the stuff around a pole, pipe, chair leg, etc. Let it dry. You can hasten the process by using a blow dryer. Also, warmer water speeds up the process compared with cold water. Temperature is important for speed only; FiberFix is resistant to extreme temperatures.

Back to Vinyl

A vinyl strip is included with FiberFix and people often wonder why they would need that if the product is so good. This strip is not used to augment a repair but to help you press layers, strengthening the bond. That is all it does. Your fix would work without it.

DIY Time Frame

How long should it take for FiberFix to harden? That depends again on temperature, how wet the tape was, and whether or not you use some method to hasten the drying/heating process. For instance, next to a furnace this product will not catch fire but will get lovely and warm. But if your item is going to be left outside, you might need a day for the repair to fully take effect.

Compared Against Duct Tape

Why is FiberFix so much better than duct tape? This is really almost like homage to that historic product Red Green so loves to use on anything. What would he do with a roll of FiberFix? He would find all the places where duct tape had started to peel off due to a shoddy application and dampness. Although proper duct tape is really tough stuff, it does not bond to things or its own material. Wrapping something forms layers of defense but does not create a bond the way FiberFix does. Commercials showing duct tape and FiberFix used to make roll cages are not exaggerating: duct tape is still flexible at several centimeters of thickness while FiberFix is like cement. Its not super expensive to buy in spite of its amazing properties either.

Exciting Worldwide Phenomenon

Now that FiberFix has traveled the country, its makers have decided to launch it to the world too. You can buy it directly from a Canadian website and you may also find it in many locations worldwide. The original product has been diversified and there are numerous items one can purchase. The best deals could be found on the FiberFix website where there are special bundles and a chance to watch a video of two cars showing what happens when one is wrapped in a roll cage made of FiberFix and the other cage is made from duct tape. Give your DIY enthusiast a new reason to go on a household fix-it mission and the following month could see every little job completed at a low cost to the relief of an entire household and its groaning budget.

FiberFix Products Online and Near You

Now that you know about the history of FiberFix and how it works, maybe it is a good time to become acquainted with their short product line up. The online store offers some deals, but you can buy certain items at this shop and others at another store; they’re spread around the retail world online and in stores. FiberFix comes in several sizes and there are more products from the company besides their tape. Moreover, there are multiple formats and one gets the impression they will be developing more FiberFix products in the future.

Rolls of Tape

Most items from FiberFix are sold as rolls, the way you would expect to encounter duct tape or medical tape. It has to be sealed, of course, because water activates the resin to form a bond. There are three widths available: 1 inch, 2 inches, and 4 inches. I recommend trying some out before ordering a bundle or a multi-pack, but once you know how and where to use it, order three 1-inch rolls at a time or two 2-inch rolls rather than one at a time. This is the easiest way to save money on a product which, let’s face it, reduces your repair bills by a considerable amount. In fact, your spouse might get a little frustrated that you never need to buy anything new. Every home and office should keep at least one roll in the drawer marked “miscellaneous” and every tool box should contain some too. Keep it stored in a moisture-proof environment.

Costs of FiberFix

So a roll of 1-inch tape costs $5.99. The triple pack, however, costs just $12.99 or roughly $4.33 per roll. With the 2-inch version, you pay $8.50 for one or $12.99 for 2 ($6.50 each). Try a four-inch tape for $9.99, not available in multi-packs.

Another product, released to address flat surface repairs, is the 10X Tape for $11.99. It is not as tough as FiberFix but reputedly ten times stronger than duct tape. A person cannot rip or tear it but 10X Tape is more flexible than FiberFix and does not harden like cement. It does not form a bond either. FiberFix supplies a small retractable razor so you can cut 10X Tape easily, but scissors are also useful in this case.

For Hot Places

A Heat Wrap is designed specifically for use in high heat settings, although the original FiberFix is resistant to extreme heat as well. Wraps are ideally suited to furnace fittings, hot water pipes, and car exhausts. Don’t forget: the FiberFix wrap is heat-resistant, but you are not. Make sure pipes are cool when you apply the tape.

More for Less

Bundles are excellent value. FiberFix is offering three bundle sizes online only and these come with multiple sizes of FiberFix rolls, patches, and pens. The patches are meant for flat repairs like holes in your car frame or in a wall perhaps. Reviews for this product are not as promising as testimonial about original FiberFix, but it’s part of the bundle anyway and not sold separately on their website. That could be a sign the patches have been removed or are currently back in the development stage.

Fix-it Pens

The pens are interesting. One holds 10g of resin. Use this to seal cracks in metal, glass, ceramics, etc. then turn the UV light onto a surface for the resin to harden like cement. A Flash Pen is similar, but you are spraying crazy glue into cracks and materials you choose for this purpose are porous, like wood. Turn the light onto a surface to heat it solid.

Wear Gloves

For readers with a latex allergy, it’s worth noting that the people at FiberFix were thinking of you. The gloves included with their rolls of FiberFix are made from plastic. Alternatively, you can buy your own, of course, just to keep the resin away from your skin. But it’s a nice touch to be sensitive to one of the most common skin allergies if you ask me.

Appearance of FiberFix

Left to form a basic repair without being enhanced aesthetically, FiberFix is no prettier than duct tape medical tape, electrical tape, etc. The advantage of this material, however, is that once hardened it can be sanded smooth without destroying the repair. Now you can paint an area. Of course, raised areas will remain; you have not bonded two pieces together on the inside as you would with crazy glue. At least a surface can be restored to its original color, however, and tidied up.

Manly Man Advertising

FiberFix has established an image for itself as a manly man’s product. Call them chauvinists if you like but FiberFix is appealing to a stereotypical audience – the handyman – that guy who refuses to call a plumber, carpenter, or mechanic until he has tried every form of adhesive known to man in order to stop that leak, fix that crack, or address that rust hole in his muffler. He doesn’t want to pay $100 an hour.

As a result, you will see many references to the “Manly Man” around their website. Don’t let it bother you, DIY women. There are lots of handy females out there, but they can rise above the bias. It is undoubtedly a male tradition to try and look after everything without asking for help and an accurate stereotype. Not only is it accurate, but that guy with a roll of FiberFix around his arm wandering around the house and yard isn’t drinking or gambling, so let him have his hobby and feel technically gifted if only for a little while. If he gets out a hacksaw, though, maybe ask a few questions.

Testimonials from Happy Customers

Finally, if you do not believe all that you have read here today, take a look at what real people have done with FiberFix. This amazing adhesive is all over YouTube, Amazon, and the FiberFix website. Videos, pictures, and articles demonstrate how versatile and simple the subject is. You don’t need a degree in engineering or a gifted mechanical mind to figure out how to use it and the fix will be effective for a long time.

Comparing The IWalk, Ergobaum, And Freedom Crutch

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Being injured is crummy, and wearing a cast, frame, or bandage around your foot and/or ankle makes you feel like an invalid. Then you get crutches and are mobile, but they can cause pain of their own.

For example, the part under your armpits is padded but it still digs in and bruises the surrounding area. Your hands pressing down feel sore and some people report having to wear cycling or gardening gloves in order to prevent blisters or provide some padding. The wrists ache after being bent at an uncomfortable angle for too long. You have to hold your foot up and bend your knee slightly all the time which means activating muscles all the way up your leg for long periods of time.

They get stronger, but that’s not the way you want to go about improving leg strength. Ultimately, this posture causes pain and secondary injuries. Both hands are occupied so you can’t do anything for yourself, at least not without a great deal of difficulty.

What is the Answer?

Innovators, some of the previous injury sufferers or healthcare workers, have come up with a solution: provide consumers something to rest the knee on. You will only have to use one crutch if the balance is right. Some systems are all-in-one and others are accessories meant for attaching to a standard crutch. There are some criteria one must meet before considering such a device, but these tools come as a relief to many injured individuals around the country. Three such items are the iWalk, Freedom Crutch, and the Ergobaum.

What Criteria?

One must be able to bend at the knee to a 90° angle so the injury will affect nothing as high as the knee. Very tall or very short people plus extremely heavy individuals might have to modify their search. Generally, all of the following products have provided relief to numerous individuals who can expect to be using crutches for several weeks or months. All of them present pros and cons, so lots compare them. Also, the makers of these tools insist they are not suitable for people with other mobility issues beyond an isolated injury. Your balance should be pretty good and active individuals seem to be drawn to these tools.

The iWalk

This is a crutch for people from 5 feet tall to 6’4″ which is a considerable height range and also a wide range of potential weights. You can use it if you are right- or left-handed by making adjustments which require no tools. It is a user-friendly system which has gone through some adjustments since it was first released.

iwalk-2-0-hands-free-crutches-amazon-reviewWith the iWalk, an injured person is able to rest the knee above an injured area and still walk if he or she can first establish correct balance. People become very excited about the iWalk because it allows them to release one hand and do more things for themselves. The one down-side to such an excellent product is that it costs far too much for what it is: more than $100 pricier than the Ergobaum which we will review next. Is $330 too much to pay? That’s a lot of money for something you hope to use for 6 to 8 weeks, maybe three months at the most, especially with some strong competition. At least you can sell it on and get some of your money back though.

Read Our iWalk Review (based on my brother-in-law’s experience) Post HERE.

Buy the iWalk on HERE!

The Ergobaum

I’m not sure what makes this so much cheaper than an iWalk when it seems to be even more innovative with so many safety features as designed by an orthopedic surgeon. The knee rest is there, adjustable within a similar range as above but slightly taller people can also use it comfortably.

the-ergobaum-crutch-by-ergoactives-pain-free-crutch-on-amazonThere is also an elbow rest to allow one to take more weight off around the hand and armpit. In addition to mobility benefits and pain reduction, there are practical features for people who don’t want to stay in at night just because of a sprain, a break, or post-surgical healing.

There is a light, reflectors, and you can also let out a blast on the horn to make sure drivers see you when you cross a road or parking lot. Additionally, the makers installed springs into the tips in order to provide shock absorption that makes for an even more comfortable ride.

At around $200 it isn’t cheap, but more affordable than the iWalk. That said, there have been some noise-related issues with the spring-loaded tips, but not for everyone. Generally, ratings are good. The Ergobaum might need to go back to the drawing board if only to fix the squeaking problem.

Read our Ergobaum review HERE.

Buy the Ergobaum by Ergoactives on HERE!

Freedom Crutch

At the hospital, many people walk away with a pair of medical-supply crutches that have been used by many individuals and worn out. The armpit rests aren’t as soft as they used to be. Tips don’t absorb a lot of impact; the rubber needs to be replaced. Meanwhile, there are all of those issues of strain and pain mentioned above whether your crutches are old or new.

freedom-crutch-amazon-free-shippingYou can leave one of the pair at your medical supply shop and just wear one with the Freedom Crutch. This accessory is screwed onto the crutch at the right angle for your knee to rest on it. You don’t have to buy a whole new crutch; just this $60 accessory. Some consumers have complained about the cost, and big people don’t find it very good value for money.

It is great, however, for someone with a tight budget or who thought he would be on crutches for a short time and had to extend his use of them, but doesn’t want to pay for an upgrade to the Ergobaum or iWalk after all this time. The knee rest is adjustable and lightly padded; maybe too lightly padded. Consider wearing pants that cover your knee when you use this device.

Consumers over 6 feet tall and 250 lbs will potentially bend the frame of the Freedom Crutch and others have complained about sharp metal pieces. Obviously, the Freedom Crutch needs to go through some tweaking, but it’s a revelation to people of average weight and height and has given many people relief from crutch-related suffering.

Read our Freedom Crutch review HERE!

Buy the Freedom Crutch on HERE!

How To Exit Full Screen On An ASUS ROG Laptop

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I just got stock in full screen mode, after accidentally hitting whatever key combination that caused it, and I saw the prompt quickly how to exit, but missed it. I thought I saw hit F1 to exit but that didn’t work.

If you are stuck in full screen mode on an ASUS ROG Laptop, just hit F11 to exit. (I was close, but after trying F1, F2 & F3, I decided to do a search for it).

Full Face Snorkel Mask Trend

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Why doesn’t everyone who lives near the sea try snorkeling? It looks so simple, but there are a few hurdles to overcome. Unless you are fanatical about everything to do with water, you and your kids could be put off by the two-piece format: mouthpiece and mask. Salt water gets into the snorkel and the mask leaks. Plus, the mask is usually secured by a tight band, like the ones on goggles, and that pulls at your hair. It’s even worse when hair is wet. Putting a big breathing piece into one’s mouth isn’t very comfortable either.

New Idea

Why not combine both parts of a snorkeling system into one mask? The immediate objection would be that breathing into a mask would cause it to fog up so you can’t see anything anyway. As for leaking, how would a mask solve that problem, or the issue of water getting through the tube? Salt water makes you gag and it gets up your nose. If a child was too comfortable, he would venture far out in the water anyway and be hard to keep track of.

Changing Expectations of Snorkeling Comfort

As of right now, all of those objections appear to have been overcome by the makers of several full face snorkel masks. They cost anywhere from $60 and up, come in sizes for all ages, and feature numerous colors. You might look like a space man dipping below the surface, but your experience of the ocean and its wildlife close to the shore will be far more enjoyable than it was when you were still using the uncomfortable two-piece system. Although the trend is relatively new, it’s taking off quickly anywhere snorkeling is a common activity. Copy-cats are already taking advantage of the popularity of full face snorkel masks so check for authenticity, quality, and warranty.

What Has Changed?

Now that the full face snorkel mask has been released, and by so many companies, customers are discovering that it’s actually easy to see through the visor. There is no fog, thanks to a simple design tweak which draws air away from the visor. A snorkeler doesn’t even have to put a mouthpiece between his teeth; the mask enables him to breathe without it the way he would above water. Okay, that’s an exaggeration; it’s going to feel weird, but not as strange as before.

A number of companies proclaim the wonders of their new snorkeling top pieces, the parts that stick out of the water. They talk about excellent visibility from the shore, an accurate tube length to prevent water getting inside, and some systems will even prevent water entering the tube if it drops below the surface.

Manufacturers of the new full face snorkel masks you can find online and at sporting good stores come with a number of features that will be attractive to individuals and families who would like to spend more time under the water exploring wildlife and talking about nature but haven’t been able to locate a comfortable system. You can go crazy with the cost, but even the most affordable ones are a big improvement over old-fashioned snorkeling equipment.

Brands of Snorkel Mask

Some of the brands you will see include Tribord, SeaFun, and Das Leben. I’ll talk about each one in a second. They mostly come with the same features except that several masks are either GoPro compatible or even come with a GoPro camera attached. In other words, they can be used to take underwater video and pictures. The small amount of research associated with this product so far suggests that people snorkel more with a mask than traditional equipment. More people try the sport and they stay in longer. You will likely see an increase in underwater video in your personal experience too.

These items are still secured to the face by a band, but it’s a three-part band rather than the sort that tugs, so it stays in place better too.

Seaview 180°

Enjoy the hassle-free design and several color choices plus something called “Dry Tech.” Dry Tech keeps salt water out of your mouth, plus the Seaview 180° is leak-resistant. Saying that, if the mask lets in any water, it is easy to release from around the pointed chin area without removing the mask. The breathing chamber is separate from your visor to prevent fogging.

Tribord EasyBreathe

Again, kids and adults alike will love this mask and can select from assorted shades so everyone knows which mask belongs to whom. The snorkel top was designed to be highly visible by parents watching their kids from the beach. The visor is made from polycarbonate, a durable synthetic material which will not shatter but provides superior visibility. Breathing is supposed to feel natural.

Sea Fun GoPro Compatible Mask

Maybe you don’t have a GoPro yet or you do not want to use it all the time, but it’s good to have the option. Choose the Sea Fun Snorkel Mask, buy your camera separately then decide whether you want to take pictures or not. The Sea Fun mask features a Dry Top Seal and Draw function which lets water out without taking the mask off. The visor is made from polycarbonate.

Das Leben 2nd Generation 180°

This is another GoPro compatible system in all sizes and several colors. The tube length is perfect for preventing water from getting inside at shallow depths. Air is drawn down and away from the mask to prevent fogging. Attach your GoPro if you like and capture images of a beautiful underwater world. Visibility is supposed to be at least as good if not superior to that provided by other models. The rest of the mask is made from tough plastic and the lining/seal is silicone.

H2O Ninja Mask

Breathe the same way you always do without a mouthpiece and without fogging using this stylish mask. The makers say it is easy to put on and use and comes apart so you can use the mask alone. With Dry Tech, as above, you won’t get salt water coming through the tube or seals around your face. This mask is particularly spacious, but also more expensive than most.