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Best Tactical Flashlights

Tactical Flashlights

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What is a tactical flashlight as opposed to a regular emergency flashlight? They both shed light in the dark. If a household owns one at all, their torch is probably very small, made from plastic, and features one light mode.

It is incapable of adjustment for brightness. The average flashlight is battery-powered. This is also true of a tactical device, but the latter one can be set to high, low, medium, and other settings like strobe or SOS.

LED is the bulb of choice no matter what due to its low energy use, cool operation, and toughness. A plastic body is inadequate for a tactical flashlight, an item designed to be durable in combat or while out hunting. As a result, the cost of a tactical torch vs. a domestic one is usually considerably higher.

Uses for a Tactical Flashlight

You could use your kitchen torch as a weapon in an extreme situation. Hit someone over the head with this plastic accessory, however, and it is probably only going to work once. The plastic could crack and the battery might fly out. The light is bright enough to blind a person for a second, but it is easier to get your bearings in the face of its beam when lumens are so low. There is your upper hand out the window.

Tactical flashlights feature up to 2,000 lumens of light which is very bright. It is enough to disorient a home intruder or call for help by firing light into the night sky. That light can glow for 50,000 to 100,000 hours, thanks to high-tech LED technology. Most people can afford one and should keep a tactical device among emergency equipment.

The frame is usually made from toughened aluminum, the stuff used in military weapons manufacturing. This is a durable weapon if your enemy is up close. If your purpose is to take this thing onto a military training ground, officials will probably issue or require that you purchase an item capable of minimum standards and made to particular specifications. That durable exterior is just one; 1,000 or more lumens could be another; the possibility of multiple settings is a third.

These operate on battery power, rechargeable or otherwise, and cells are removable. The exterior offers superior grip and is also shaped so the item will not roll if dropped onto a flat surface. In spite of their sturdy and dangerous build, a tactical torch is very light and compact; can even potentially be clipped to a belt or bag strap.

Top 5 Tactical Flashlights

All of the items below are available for less than $60 if you find a deal; under $100 otherwise. They are sold online from mainstream stores or places where you find survival gear. They are made by Fenix, Streamlight, Solaray, Vizeri, and Nitecore which are well-known names in the flashlight business. Check out customer reviews and comments by survival, hunting, and military experts.

Nitecore P12

Nitecore P12

This is the flashlight that I purchased, and then decided to look up a few more for this article. I am amazed at how bright 1000 lumens is at night. I love having it when walking the dog at night. It lites up anywhere I shine it, almost to where it’s like daylight, and were there ever a wild animal, like a coyote or a bear or anything to start approaching us, I feel a little safer knowing I have this light just in case.

I would probably just run if an actual bear showed up (I’ve only heard of one sighting near me in the recent past), but nevertheless, there is something satusfying having this flashlight with me out in the dark. I bring it with me every night, and it has the same 18650 I installed a few weeks ago, so it lasts for a while.

$49.95 At:



Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight

This is the smallest tactical flashlight on our list but still highly effective and very bright. Lumens are on the low side but can still blind someone temporarily at the higher setting; disorient an individual on “strobe”; or call for help with the SOS setting. The Vizeri VZ230 is so named for its lumen-rating. The light is powered by an AAA battery and numerous accessories are available.

$30-$35 At:


Solaray Pro ZX-1


With 1,200 lumens, things are getting brighter all the time here. Choose from several functions powered by a 3,000mAh battery and protected by water resistance. The silicone carbide exterior is extremely durable. As with all these devices, the switch is tail-mounted.

$59.95 At:


Streamlight ProTac

Streamlight 88030 ProTac

It’s only a 180-lumen tactical torch but this one is shock resistant and supplies solid state power regulation. Drop it in water to one meter for half an hour, maximum, and it will still operate.

$40 At:


Fenix PD35

Fenix PD35 TAC 1000 Lumen

A value of 850 lumens, maximum 960, is plenty to see by, and requires just one 18650-series battery to operate. Without the battery, Fenix’s model weighs less than a quarter of a pound. Brightness is digitally controlled for continuous, even power and brightness in any mode you select.

$72.95 At:

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards Makes Paddling Portable

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When I first heard about inflatable stand up paddle boards (SUPs) recently, it totally piqued my interest! Paddle boarding is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. It looks like something I’d really enjoy on an occasional hot weekend (I don’t think I would be able to do it as a regular activity since I only live near water for half the year). But, there are two primary things that have been in my way when it comes to buying a paddle board in the past: 1) space to store my SUP (there just isn’t any space in my home), and 2) a way to transport the SUP to the water (I have a car the size of a very large pumpkin. Okay, the size of a REALLY REALLY large pumpkin. Basically, too small to cart around a board).

As most people who have experience with paddleboards already know, the traditional hard shell SUPs have hulls which are typically either foam (with fiberglass and epoxy), hollow core, or polyurethane foam. They are long, wide, and cumbersome for travel. Of course, if you’re heading to the beach for a weekend, there are rental companies that have sprung up to rent out equipment like paddle boards and kayaks to individuals, couples, groups, and families who – like me – just don’t have room in or on the vehicles for large items like these or who find their prices prohibitive.

Or, maybe kayaks made the cut but paddle boards had to stay home. Enter the inflatable version which at least answers the first concern: lack of room. Now, some people say that the price of an inflatable SUP is a lot lower than a hard shell model, but that is debatable because I’ve seen some hard shells less than $1,000 (not many though), and while I haven’t (yet) seen an inflatable over $1,000, some have run pretty close. I’m thinking that most of the time the inflatable is probably a little lower, but I don’t think that the price point is the primary concern here. In fact, when it comes to the topic of “stand up paddle board – inflatable vs rigid,” really the only differences appear to be material. The general weight of either one is similar (if an inflatable SUP (or ISUP) is about 30 pounds, plus or minus, you’ll find that the rigid SUPs are close.

And, like I said, I’ve seen plenty of rigid boards way over $1,500 (and if you’re REALLY into it, you can spend over $3,000 too!) – but I’ve also seen them under $1,000 (which is where most of the ISUPs seem to fall when it comes to the price of paddle boards in the inflatable category).

The primary concerns, as I voiced earlier is the storage, transportation, and space issue. That’s the bigget reason for considering an inflatable stand up paddle board, as far as I’m concerned. Plus, I could actually ship it somewhere far more easily than I could ship a rigid board if I needed to.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten all that out of the way, let’s compare 3 ISUPs that caught my eye. The first one I loved – I’m trying not to be biased, but it’s the first one I liked – is the Atoll Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. Then, I saw the Vilano and then the ISLE Touring Paddle Board. So this seemed like a good place to start my comparisons.

How does the Atoll Inflatable SUP stack up against the competition? We’ll compare it to the pair of other ISUP boards that I mentinoed, one cheaper and smaller, the other slightly larger. These are, of course, the Vilano and an ISLE Touring Paddleboard.

First things first. We’ll start with the Atoll.

Inflatable SUP by Atoll

Starting out as a small package, this Atoll product inflates to 6 inches thickness, 11 feet in length, and 32 inches wide with the use of a pump. This high-pressure tool gets the job done quickly so that, in just minutes… boom! We are staring down at a full-sized paddleboard that’s ready for the water – and all for $749.99.

Bungee straps are located back and front so you can go out for hours with your board and not lack anything you want or need such as food and water. Store items securely within their elasticated bounds. A number of D-rings enable you to attach items more securely.

A second layer over the board adds greater durability to the EVA foam and prevents slipping so you stay on top of your board. The Atoll ISUP comes with a repair kit, a pump, a detachable fin, and a rebuildable three-part paddle with a nylon blade which is also designed for portability.

ISLE Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Many of the same features of the Atoll paddle board are also present here in the ISLE Airtech. The Airtech comes in 2 lengths, 10, and 12.6 feet but maintains the same dimensions otherwise and can be deflated to a mobile size as well. The build is touted for its lightness but incredible durability. Of course, the company does not recommend abusing your product, but states that you could do almost anything to it and the ISLE ISUP will stand up to the abuse while remaining viable as a safe and effective piece of equipment. Bungee cords at both ends and D-rings let you strap on a waterproof camera, extra clothes, a picnic, or whatever you desire. The paddle comes apart for additional portability and you get all of this for a little less than $850 for the 12.6 foot version, and about $695 for the 10 footer.

Vilano Stand Up Paddle Board, $429 (for the 10-foot Vilano Navigator)

Another durable option is the Vilano inflatable board, an economical alternative. It’s shorter at 10 feet when fully inflated but that’s still too long for most vehicles, especially those already crowded with gear. But if you can take the pump with you to the beach, no problem (it does come with a pump). Durable PVC facilitates many months and years of fun on the local lake and a 3-piece paddle can be stowed away in the trunk. Although this Vilano Navigator is touted as durable, it is also affordable ($429). The Vilano Voyager, at 11-feet, is a little more expensive ($499), but it does have a few higher reviews.

Price and Durability

Each of these boards is promoted for its durability, but none of them is as heavily promoted for this feature as the longer, more expensive ISLE. The makers insist you could drive a car over it and the board will be alright. With inflatable items, the risk of tears is always a concern, especially when you are going camping. Rocks become jagged. Well-meaning participants are sometimes rough when unpacking, enthusiastic to get started. People really do drive their cars and trucks over sporting equipment in their haste to get to the beach or drive home with fractious children. But how durable does a board need to be to satisfy this criterion?

All of these items receive some good reviews, though the first of them seems best where reviews are concerned. Customers could buy any of these and enjoy at least a few summers on top of the waves; perhaps more summers with the first two than the last.

There is just one set of bungee straps on the Vilano but most people wouldn’t use all of the front and back capacity of the other two. A shorter length makes this a potentially excellent starter board for younger, smaller boarders. It is also less cumbersome, but some might say that additional length increases stability. Still, it’s hard to argue with the price difference.

If you had a family and wanted to paddle in pairs, note that the Vilano is just over half the price of an ISLE inflatable stand up paddleboard. The Atoll version is not quite as expensive as the ISLE and makes a good compromise if a $100 difference means you can afford to buy other accessories or enjoy more fun activities on your holiday.

Each of these products, however, shares a common convenience factor. They represent the freedom to take stand up paddle boarding anywhere. Repair gear is included plus a bag for carrying everything neatly and safely to prevent punctures. The paddle is part of this deal, not a separate $100 purchase as could easily have been the case.

Anyway, I hope that after reading this inflatable stand up paddle board review, you agree that getting an ISUP might just be the perfect water toy for you and your family! Thanks for reading!

Hison Jet Surfboard: The New High-Speed Water Experience

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I live on the beach for half the year, and I’m guessing that this season I’ll be seeing the Hison Jet Surfboard more often! This is the coolest new water toy we’ve seen in a while! I see this all the time – men and women of all ages are drawn to the sea because they love to surf. They love the freedom they feel riding a wave or skimming the ocean’s surface, defying gravity and picking up speed.

Hison Jet Surfboard - Ultimate Model Powerjet skiIt’s a thrilling sport to watch and to take part in, but how does a person get that experience where the waves are not very high or the weather does not suit surfers? What if your only body of water is inland? Perhaps you just want to try that surfing feeling but you are prepared to manage it the motorized way. That’s where a jet surfboard can take you higher.

Watch the Videos

Images of surfers gliding over blue water do not do the jet surfboard justice. Call it a jet ski or jet surfboard – either way, jet surfing is an active, high-speed sport. Play the videos and feel wind whipping through your hair, catch sea spray in your mouth, and listen to the powerful roar of water matched by your motorized board. Finally, consumers can harness the power of a jet ski but stand up on it as if they were surfing, combining their love of speed with the feel of their favorite pastime in the water.

Here’s a fun video from when these were just released (this is from the 2013 model!) – yeah… that would be like me the first time I’d be on one of these. I don’t feel so bad now… (scroll below the video to continue reading)

Attractive Boards

The Hison Jet Surfboards are a fairly recent addition to motorized water sports since this is, after all, considered to be the early days for the jet surf industry, but it’s likely that designs will start to become artistic, whacky, and colorful. So far, red and black are favorite. The board looks somewhat like a regular surfboard but with one difference: manufacturers add a motor and a control stick. Regular surfboards have become a sort of canvas and the same phenomenon is likely to occur with these new water sport machines.

Control the Surf (uh… sort of! 🙂 )

This control stick is like an elongated stick shift on a car. It stands up at the front and you grip it tightly while using the other hand for balance. Foot braces keep you in place while you take corners and manage shallow waves that jiggle you like speed bumps. A 4-stroke engine gives you more than 30 knots and 25 horsepower (for the Ultimate Hison Jet Surfboard. If you go with their Extreme model, (330cc 2 stroke) it’s faster and more powerful – see the Extreme Hinson JET Powered Surfboard here – it’s currently priced at $11,179.99) Jet propelled kayak canoe wakeboard ). There’s no idling or dawdling on these boards. You’ll see from a variety of videos that if you aren’t moving right along, you are probably sitting on the board.

Buy the Board

This is not a sport for anyone who lacks cash: a few thousand dollars-worth. Save up, ask for money this Christmas, say no to little indulgences until small sums add up and you can buy yourself the Ultimate Hison jet surfboard for just over $6,000. The Hison Extreme is just under $11,500. Perhaps by winter there will be some used ones on sale for less than that, but right now that’s the going rate.

$6,380.00 –> The Ultimate JET Powered Surfboard Power Ski (HERE at Amazon)  (Includes Free Shipping)

$11,179.99 –> Extreme JET Powered Surfboard (HERE at Amazon) (Includes Free Shipping)

Buy the Experience

Another way to go is to purchase a jet surf experience. Tour guides will take you to a popular surfing location where you will use one of their jet surfboards for a period of time. Receive instruction before tackling waves surrounded by scenic views of some exotic country. There are many tour packages located in dozens of countries. Here’s one from Tinggly via Amazon.

Racing the Waves

Surfing has always been a competitive sport. Audiences turn up to watch their favorite surfers in places like Hawaii, Australia, and California where they perform sometimes dangerous feats with tremendous skill. They compete against each other and sometimes perform tricks on the waves. The jet surfboard allows riders to synchronize their machines and perform in ways that were much harder to achieve with a regular surfboard. Watch these boarders jump over or spin around obstacles with perfect control of their machine; couples who have trained together, transferring personal harmony to athletic unity. The sea is still a dangerous medium, so riders must always be aware of the risks they are taking with or without a motor keeping them upright.

Jet Surfing for Fitness

Putting an engine in something should take an element of fitness out of the sport, but there are still many benefits to taking up jet surfing. You still need to have balance to stand on the board as it will not always be moving along a flat surface and people fall off all the time. It will still be pushed around a little bit by the ocean’s power which is a beautiful feeling when you’re not in as much danger of being thrown off. As you take corners, the board will certainly tip onto its side a little or a lot depending on the extremity of that curve. Putting balance into action activates numerous muscles, particularly those around the core such as your back, buttock, and abdominal muscles. Arms get a workout controlling the joystick and your leg muscles are also active. Jet surfing is a total-body workout.

Compare Jets to Other Water Sports

In terms of speed and lightness in the water, two sports compare strongly. One is jet skiing. Your movement over the water’s surface is similar but without a seat between your legs and not as much power. Jet skis give a water user almost too much power they don’t have to work for. Riders are passive participants, whereas the Jet Surfboard requires active involvement and effort on the participant’s part.
Water boarding (water skiing on a board) requires similar movement but power is provided by an auxiliary source. You aren’t in charge of that, but if you have tried water boarding, that has prepared you for what motorized surfboarding feels like. Boarders still fall over and lose their balance. They have more control, however, when a boat is not involved.

Getting into the water is also simpler without a vessel to launch. Exhaust isn’t flying in your face. Noise is not as big a factor, messing up the enjoyment and disturbing viewers. The quiet of regular surfing is perhaps the one thing you will miss most, but jet surfing is not as noisy as firing up the engine of a speedboat.

Snow boarding is similar to surfing in a sense, so maybe one day there will be a winter-sport equivalent. Innovators would motorize a snow board, add a tall stick shift, and give boarders a chance to transfer the tropical surfing experience to the glaring surface of snow on the white mountain tops of European and Canadian ranges.

A Growing Business

Entrepreneurs: there’s a retail opportunity here for you. With a burgeoning sport there will always be special shoes and clothes for men and women; a marketing wave to ride.

$6,380.00 –> The Ultimate JET Powered Surfboard Power Ski (HERE at Amazon)  (Includes Free Shipping)

$11,179.99 –> Extreme JET Powered Surfboard (HERE at Amazon) (Includes Free Shipping)

Brain Nutrition And BriteFocus Supplements – BriteSMART Review (Including BriteSHIELD)

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A company from Tustin, California, called BriteFocus aims to make a positive contribution to brain health across the country. Their supplements are designed to support brain health, including complete programs which, as they say at their website, “address the decline of mental acuity during the aging process.” The products we’ll be reviewing today include their flagship BriteSMART, BriteSHOT, and BriteSHIELD supplements (see one of our product listings for HERE)

The Research

A controlled, double-blind study using placebos was initiated in order to determine the truth about supplements found at BriteFocus. They determined the role of these products in enhancing “cognitive function, energy, state-of-mind and mood” according to the website, specifically Ceretrophin found in BriteSMART tablets. The report was in-depth and revealed positive, encouraging results.

What Are BriteFocus Products for?

The focus on neurological health distinguishes this fast-growing company from others addressing manifold issues such as bone care, heart health, and mood disorders. Items sold at BriteFocus meet stringent quality control expectations and are made in a facility which complies with FDA regulations as well.
Brite Focus FDA Approved
What Are Some Major Brain Problems?

The big one is memory. As we get older, our brains lose their ability to recall information in the short-term like what we ate for breakfast, but not our first day of school. This can be a sign of distraction caused by the long list of tasks in an adult’s day, but sometimes these are indicators of age-related problems like Dementia.

Hope for the Brain

Contrary to popular belief, the damage can be undone. It’s possible not just to halt degeneration but also reverse it and gain back some of your mental acuity by eating right and/or taking focused supplements. Start in your late 40s, if possible, or even before. People of every age can benefit from better brain health to regulate memory, moods, and more. Doctors recommend this brand particularly for its effectiveness in stopping the mental signs of aging.

Products from BriteFocus


from: BriteFocus, inc.BriteSMART uses the ingredients in BriteSHOT (see below) to increase memory, enable brain metabolism, improve oxygen delivery to the brain, and more. BriteSHIELD contains Curcumin, N-Acetyl-Cysteine, Quercetin, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, Resveratrol, and B12. The first two are the main ingredients. They act as antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories, protecting the brain, and supplying support to mitochondria involved in breathing and producing energy. The other ingredients contribute to these processes.

Bonus Bundle

Enhance brain nutrition and resist aging with BriteSMART and BriteSHIELD together. As a team, they are more effective than individually and each bottle works out to cost less as part of a bundle too. Natural ingredients available for 20 years go into the making of these superior supplements available to all adults, male and female, but do ask your doctor if you should take them if you are pregnant or have an existing health concern. When taken together, your memory will be more agile, you will become more energetic, sleep better, feel happier, and you could wind up with the brain of a much younger person.

Ready-to-drink Formula

BriteSHOT is a drink that supports your mental strength. It is ready to go from the bottle with no mixing required and not an energy drink as such. Although your energy will probably be increased, this is not a result of consuming concentrated amounts of caffeine as with an energy drink. BriteFocus provides a blend of natural ingredients to reduce stress and make you feel happier. The primary ingredient is L-Carnitine which is an antioxidant linked to better memory and focus, better sleep, and allows the brain to use glucose more effectively. Other ingredients are Alpha Lipoic Acid, Huperzine A, Rhodiola, and Vinpocetine. You know L-Carnitine is good stuff by the fact that bodybuilders use it to maintain concentration and reduce fatigue. Take these with you when you go to the gym or on a long hike to replenish nutrients your body uses during arduous exercise or for tasty hydration during a long journey.

Auto-shipment Option

There are three ways to approach an online purchase. One is to buy samples or small bottles where these are available. Another is to buy the biggest format or even multiple bottles at once, thus saving money and the hassle of re-ordering. A third choice is to sign up for auto-shipments. These arrive at your door at regular intervals and you don’t have to think about placing the order once more. BriteFocus uses existing details to continue sending out the memory-making formulae that have been helping a generation of 65+ men and women stay sharp.
Brite Focus FDA Approved

Mourning Our Orlando FL Brothers and Sisters


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We – along with the rest of the world – were horrified to learn of the devastating tragedy that has befallen our brothers, sisters, and their families in Orlando, Florida. We have no words that could possibly comfort those left behind.

I have been thinking about what I could possibly write that could ever help ease any pain in the hearts of those who were targeted in this horrific attack (and who, through some miracle survived – at least physically) and the families of those who did not survive.

The more that I ponder what to write, the more I come to believe that there are no words that exist in the English language – at least none that I know of – that can provide any comfort.

I have no words.

I only have feelings. And, unfortunately I am not a good enough writer to articulate my feelings when it comes to something like this. All I can tell you is that I feel so much love for those of you who survived, for those who have not, and for those who have been left behind.

And even those words seem so insignificant.

It’s difficult – on a day such as today – for me to post anything except thoughts of love for all of you, and condolences on behalf of all of us at

We will keep all of you in our hearts as we all try to move forward in the days ahead.

We love you all so much. #Orlando

The Swingshot Cyclops Pro Golf Camera Review

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Swingshot Cyclops Pro Golf Camera reviewAsk any professional golfer on the circuit – both men’s and women’s – and they’ll all agree that a golfer’s best or worst tool is not his (or her) club but his swing. How does we really know what our swing looks like until we see it in action? Just because it feels good doesn’t mean much and it is difficult for someone to describe his or her friend’s swing. What it turns out that we really needs is a camera, like the Cyclops Pro.

Mid-Tier Product

Swingshot describes this as their mid-range camera which records video and sound in high definition at resolution of 720p/60fps or 1080/30fps. The Swingshot Cyclops Pro allows amateur golfers to analyze their swing the way pros do whether they are trying to get out of a bunker, swing their way out of the rough, or taking a smooth shot along the open fairway. This is a great way to prevent many of those embarrassing moments on or off the green; the ones you laugh about at the club bar after but would prefer to do without. Build a winning swing just by analyzing your mistakes. This could also prevent golfer’s injuries developed when the swing goes horribly wrong.

Light Camera - See Your Real SwingWhen you want a light tool, this is it: a durable but user-friendly item you just aim and click. It doesn’t care about weather, even the mic which sits on top of a shaft measuring 3 feet. The camera comes with a turf spike made from stainless steel, complementing the durability of your camera with its non-corrosive stability. There is also a GPS element to the camera which is accurate to within 3 feet so you can coordinate a day’s worth of recordings. And, ladies and gentlemen, don’t even try to pretend it’s not true: we all love GPS.

Long-life Battery

Since the Cyclops Pro uses GPS, this can eat away at battery power, so you need a long-life cell. This one is rated 2100mAh, is rechargeable, and comes with an AC adapter and a USB cable so golfers can transfer video to the TV or a handheld device and watch the video over and over. As a guy writing this review, I’m the first one to admit that we men like to tackle our sporting performance from all angles after all. It’s a great way to have the couch all to ourselves. The wife can only take so much (unless she’s a golfer too, in which case, this could become a VERY interesting evening indeed! Who gets to analyze whose swing and give advice? Hmmm?) Sorry ladies! I’m only kidding! Sort of… But, if you’re going to help me analyze my swing, then it’s only fair that I get to analyze yours too!

Anyway, back to the Cyclops. (By the way, it’s available at and you get FREE SHIPPING in the US and a 30-day Risk-Free Trial! You can’t lose with this.)

LED Design

The LED screen on your Cyclops Pro is really bright to mitigate the darkness of a day when the clouds are rolling in. Use it to scroll through a menu which includes modes such as Scenic, Lesson, and Course. The device offers a memory of 8GB, so it is meant to be used and viewed, not kept for posterity. You can record as many as 244 swings in up to 2 hours or over 2 hours of constant recording with 7 ½ hours of standby power. Divided by 18 holes, that’s roughly 13 shots per hole. Heaven help you if that’s what you need: maybe your friend could use some analysis of his swing too.

More from Swingshot

The Cyclops also comes in two other configurations. There is the Basic Cyclops for $199.99 and the Cyclops+ for $399.99 with the Cyclops Pro in the middle at $299.99, available online. Customers can easily compare how they perform using the chart profiling all three products online. The original features half the memory as a removable disk and no Geo-Tagging. The top model boasts a wireless private network, standard and wireless battery time, and an app for your iOS or Android phone.

Finally – little sales pitch here: For the golfer, what better gift? It’s perfect for any gift-giving occasion, whether it be a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or for the graduate. Check out the video demo below, and then…

Get the Swingshot Cyclops or Cyclops Pro at: