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Tactical Flashlights

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What is a tactical flashlight as opposed to a regular emergency flashlight? They both shed light in the dark. If a household owns one at all, their torch is probably very small, made from plastic, and features one light mode.

It is incapable of adjustment for brightness. The average flashlight is battery-powered. This is also true of a tactical device, but the latter one can be set to high, low, medium, and other settings like strobe or SOS.

LED is the bulb of choice no matter what due to its low energy use, cool operation, and toughness. A plastic body is inadequate for a tactical flashlight, an item designed to be durable in combat or while out hunting. As a result, the cost of a tactical torch vs. a domestic one is usually considerably higher.

Uses for a Tactical Flashlight

You could use your kitchen torch as a weapon in an extreme situation. Hit someone over the head with this plastic accessory, however, and it is probably only going to work once. The plastic could crack and the battery might fly out. The light is bright enough to blind a person for a second, but it is easier to get your bearings in the face of its beam when lumens are so low. There is your upper hand out the window.

Tactical flashlights feature up to 2,000 lumens of light which is very bright. It is enough to disorient a home intruder or call for help by firing light into the night sky. That light can glow for 50,000 to 100,000 hours, thanks to high-tech LED technology. Most people can afford one and should keep a tactical device among emergency equipment.

The frame is usually made from toughened aluminum, the stuff used in military weapons manufacturing. This is a durable weapon if your enemy is up close. If your purpose is to take this thing onto a military training ground, officials will probably issue or require that you purchase an item capable of minimum standards and made to particular specifications. That durable exterior is just one; 1,000 or more lumens could be another; the possibility of multiple settings is a third.

These operate on battery power, rechargeable or otherwise, and cells are removable. The exterior offers superior grip and is also shaped so the item will not roll if dropped onto a flat surface. In spite of their sturdy and dangerous build, a tactical torch is very light and compact; can even potentially be clipped to a belt or bag strap.

Top 5 Tactical Flashlights

All of the items below are available for less than $60 if you find a deal; under $100 otherwise. They are sold online from mainstream stores or places where you find survival gear. They are made by Fenix, Streamlight, Solaray, Vizeri, and Nitecore which are well-known names in the flashlight business. Check out customer reviews and comments by survival, hunting, and military experts.

Nitecore P12

Nitecore P12

This is the flashlight that I purchased, and then decided to look up a few more for this article. I am amazed at how bright 1000 lumens is at night. I love having it when walking the dog at night. It lites up anywhere I shine it, almost to where it’s like daylight, and were there ever a wild animal, like a coyote or a bear or anything to start approaching us, I feel a little safer knowing I have this light just in case.

I would probably just run if an actual bear showed up (I’ve only heard of one sighting near me in the recent past), but nevertheless, there is something satusfying having this flashlight with me out in the dark. I bring it with me every night, and it has the same 18650 I installed a few weeks ago, so it lasts for a while.

$49.95 At:



Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight

This is the smallest tactical flashlight on our list but still highly effective and very bright. Lumens are on the low side but can still blind someone temporarily at the higher setting; disorient an individual on “strobe”; or call for help with the SOS setting. The Vizeri VZ230 is so named for its lumen-rating. The light is powered by an AAA battery and numerous accessories are available.

$30-$35 At:


Solaray Pro ZX-1


With 1,200 lumens, things are getting brighter all the time here. Choose from several functions powered by a 3,000mAh battery and protected by water resistance. The silicone carbide exterior is extremely durable. As with all these devices, the switch is tail-mounted.

$59.95 At:


Streamlight ProTac

Streamlight 88030 ProTac

It’s only a 180-lumen tactical torch but this one is shock resistant and supplies solid state power regulation. Drop it in water to one meter for half an hour, maximum, and it will still operate.

$40 At:


Fenix PD35

Fenix PD35 TAC 1000 Lumen

A value of 850 lumens, maximum 960, is plenty to see by, and requires just one 18650-series battery to operate. Without the battery, Fenix’s model weighs less than a quarter of a pound. Brightness is digitally controlled for continuous, even power and brightness in any mode you select.

$72.95 At:

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