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Fabulous Memorial Day Coupons and Sales Sitewide!

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Happy Memorial Day to all our readers, along with a big thank you to all our service men and women who have served our country. We here at salute each and every one of you, and are keenly aware that “All Gave Some, and Some Gave All.” We do not take your service lightly.

Many of the merchants whom we feature and promote here at the site are offering some terrific savings during this weekend of remembrance, and when we find a specific sale that is for this Memorial Day, we are categorizing them specially for the holiday. In other words, let’s say you want to check out ALL coupons and sales that are being offered specifically during this Memorial Day holiday. You can go DIRECTLY to our “Memorial Day Sales category here” to see everything.

But, let’s say you want to see if there are any specific Memorial Day sales in a particular category or product. You can go to specific stores by navigating our home page tabs at the top. For example, if you vape, you can check our categories for those, or if you want to see if any clothing is on sale, you can check our categories for those as well. Here are a few links to some of the most popular categories for an example:

Meal Delivery

Diet (see also Weight Loss)

Clothing and Fashion

Vaping Supplies (also see Electronic Cigarettes)

Google Home Where Communication Comes First

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In every home, the critical piece to establishing happiness and unity is communication. When people talk to each other, they stay close; they feel safe and are able to help one another.

Google Home will make the internet a part of home life; an integral part, available throughout the house and activated by voice commands. Google Home will be like Siri or Alexa (like in the Amazon Echo or Tap), but conversational and, like family, will be there to help you.

Meet Your New Assistant

Google Home

The upcoming artificial intelligence technology from Google is an extension of Google Assistant, a new program which helps consumers use their computers to find things online. It won’t find your car keys, although that function might be coming one day too, and sooner than we think.

In the meantime, use the voice-activated Google Assistant to locate a Greek restaurant, family-friendly movie, a DIY home and garden center, or a doggy daycare for the holidays. All you do is set the system up with a prompt and Google Home responds verbally, but not in that robotic tone you are expecting from the PC. This is more like having a chat with a real person whose sole purpose is to help you wherever you are, whenever you need assistance from the internet.

Move into Google Home

To access this service all over the home, customers will purchase a stylish module which can be color coordinated to match furnishings and accessories. This subtle piece of electronic magic will seem like an element of home décor; it’s wireless and so unobtrusive.

A single device will connect all digital items in your home such as your NEST cam, kitchen gadgets on timers, computers, cell phones, and home entertainment centers. Without extra cables and cords to muddy your interior design, Google has effectively connected you to everything so you can interact at your leisure.

It is so advanced that Google Home is almost frightening, but this is going to reduce the workload of an average harried mother with three kids, a full-time job, and a million things to do around the house all at the same time. No more spinning plates: Google Home will supply assistance in real time.

Allo and Duo for Mobile Applications

Say “allo” to Allo, Google’s app which allows you to interact with Google Assistant via your Smart Phone, alone or with a crew of fellow travelers. Ask for directions to the nearest winery, upload images and emojis, and generally use the internet without pressing those awfully small icons on your tiny screen.

This is the answer to that problem: how do companies make handheld devices smaller yet still accessible to customers who already have trouble with the tiny screen and minuscule keyboard? Voice activation is the way of the future.

Duo is a one-to-one system for video calling. This Google Assistant system uses the owner’s cell phone number to access other cell phones, iOS or Android, so that people can talk and see each other wherever they are. There is even a feature which allows the owner to see who is calling before accepting the call. All you need for Allo or Duo is an app.

Coming This Summer

Google Home will be released later in 2016, just in time for Christmas shopping. The release of Allo and Duo is imminent; within then next few months to satisfy a release time of “summer 2016.” Google can’t wait to expand your universe from the comfort of home.

SUN BASKET Meal Delivery Has Expanded to the Eastern U.S.!

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This is fabulous news for fans of the Sun Basket Meal Delivery service, the top rated meal delivery service, that is!! We got the word early last week that the eastward expansion was finally in place! Many of us – me included – had reached out to the folks at Sun Basket, lamenting that, at the time, they were only available on the West Coast. (UPDATE: September 2016: We have just completed what we feel is the most comprehensive Sun Basket review available. Read our Sun Basket Review Here!)

Eat Clean $30.00 OffI well recall their very welcoming response, and gratitude for interest in their home delivered, farm-to-table meals. Until now, there had been nothing like it in our area, and well… we just felt left out! 🙂 So these are indeed exciting times for both us, and Sun Basket. I urge anyone on the east coast who has been hoping for a true healthy food delivery service to support the effort to make sure that they stay!

But wait, there’s MORE! You have heard of BuzzFeed, right? Well, there’s even more terrific news! Sun Basket had told me that:

“in a recent head-to-head meal delivery kit faceoff – held independently by BuzzFeed – Sun Basket received a perfect score. Our great taste, amazing recipes, premium ingredient quality and ease of cooking and cleanup won over the judges!”

Now, of course I love Sun Basket, but I wanted to see this for myself! So, off to BuzzFeed I went, and actually found the FIRST high marks from an April 4, 2016 column, 10 Life-Changing Things To Try In April – and among those “life-changing things” was Sun Basket! (Note: I was also pleasantly surprised to see that among that “life-changing” list was the famous Squatty Potty that we originally learned about from Shark Tank, and feature here on MyFavDeals.)

So, anyway, in that original BuzzFeed article, the writer, Nicole Nguyen explained why Sun Basket was thus far her favorite meal-in-a-box kit for 3 primary reasons: 1) The company appears to be environmentally responsible since they offer a return label so that you can ship the box, ice packs, and insulation back to them so they can reuse them, 2) they source their products from regional farms, and 3) – and possibly most important for many people who just want to eat and not worry about planning what they want to eat, she said that she considered the recipes to be healthy and filling, and – her words, “INSANELY good.”

Now, fast-forward to this month (May 2016), and BuzzFeed did a comparison of eight different meal-in-a-box kits – here’s the basic rundown:

  • Sun Basket: Hands down – the BuzzFeed favorite! They gave it a rock solid 10 out of 10 rating. In these reviews, they would talk about the “Good” and the “Bad.” The “Good” here was that the recipes worked AND tasted great, there was little packaging waste, and the meals were easy to prepare. The “Bad?” Nothing! And I quote: “Honestly, there wasn’t anything really bad about this service. They kinda nailed it.” But, to be fair, let’s look at the other 7 options that they reviewed…
  • Marley Spoon: They liked for some of the recipes themselves, but not so much the way the instructions showed what appeared to be non-representative of the actual dish pictured. They did give this a 9/10 rating.
  • Purple Carrot: This is a primarily plant-based meal delivery kit, and it won BuzzFeed’s vote for “most eco-friendly,” but felt some of the esoteric ingredients might be puzzling to some. They gave it a 9/10.
  • Hello Fresh: The panel thought the meals were easy to make, but felt that overall they were a little boring, giving it a 7/10 – but from my perspective, not everyone is looking for fancy meals, so in all fairness, because this group also makes family-sized kits, this might be the ticket for families. See Hello Fresh discounts here.
  • Plated: The biggest thing the panelists seemed most concerned about – and understandably so – was that in one of their meals, the main ingredient (lamb) was missing. Kind of a bummer. They also felt like the instructions didn’t work the way they were supposed to, and Plated wound up with a 7/10.
  • Blue Apron: This did not get much praise from the group; they said a lot of people might buy this option simply because they’re one of the originals in the meal delivery space and people recognize the name. Also a turn off was that the packaging containing the chicken was punctured, and so raw chicken juice leaked out. Yuck. From their description, it sounds like I might leave them alone and try one of the newer guys. And, BuzzFeed seemed to think that they’d only recommend Blue Apron to people who had literally never heard of anything else. The rating was a 6/10. And if you’re trying to weigh SunBasket vs Blue Apron? Well, again, it’s like comparing apples to oranges. Sun Basket’s quality is coming in ahead. Moving on…
  • Terra’s Kitchen: “Plant strong and nutrient dense” seemed to be the catch-phrase here. The BuzzFeed panel said that these were VERY easy to prepare, but the ingredients didn’t smell at all fresh. They didn’t recommend the service, giving it a 2/10.
  • Home Chef: Well, this is at the bottom of their list. They just didn’t like it and gave it a 1/10. It’s possible that they just got a bad delivery. They didn’t care for the way the recipes worked either. It’s too bad, because I’ve seen a number of good reviews for them.

But, that’s the run down on what BuzzFeed had to say about these meal delivery services, and again, Sun Basket is just kicking butt when it comes to this niche!

So, to sum it up, not only is Sun Basket meal delivery service now pretty much nationwide, they are becoming the leader in being able to create and deliver delicious, healthy recipes using the best, freshest organic, non-GMO ingredients!

Oh – they are also the only meal delivery service (that I’ve seen) that offers a breakfast option. They definitely have customizable meal plans for Paleo, Gluten Free, and Vegetarians. Eat what you want without the grocery shopping!

Experience the difference and save $30 off your first delivery! Click Here to Order!

Reasons To Own The Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight

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Shadowhawk reports that response to the Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight has been exceptional since it was released. Sales have been amazing; they regularly sell out in the United States. Why is this such a popular item, how does it work and how can it be used? This is more than a means of lighting the darkness without wires and a powerful tool that must be treated with respect. (Note: We have more updated information on Tactical Flashlights that you can read about HERE.)

What Is a Tactical Flashlight?

In a matter of self-defense, light can be your best weapon – or at least a strong one. It allows you to disorient any attacker and be used as a weapon if necessary. If you are trying to get attention from police or other emergency response teams, a good flashlight shows the way to your accident. A strong light helps you keep to the right direction and avoid dangerous places. They are durable, feature multiple modes, and a lot more expensive than your usual LED flashlight.

The Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight for Self-Defense

Shadowhawk X800

In the United States, fear about violent crime in the home runs deep and affects many householders. They keep a wary eye on the statistics which show the most violent states, cities, and districts in every part of the country. Many Americans would love to own a gun but laws are strict.

Those who don’t want guns still look for ways to defend their families, themselves, and their property. Flashlights have become part of their arsenal, a less deadly but seriously effective one. American civilians model their use of tactical flashlights on the ways in which members of the Armed Forces and Emergency Services utilize flashlights.

Defense without Violence

It is totally possible to avoid violence and overcome an attacker without raising a hand. Shadowhawk recommends the use of light. As they say, just think of what it does to your vision and your balance to have a camera flash go off in your face.

Create this effect only a hundred times more intense with the strobe setting on their X800 to disorient an attacker. He will be temporarily blinded, perhaps long enough to get away from the situation or to overcome him. In fact, it’s important to use this feature with care and never treat the X800 as a toy.

Other Dangers

No one wants to live in fear, and there are many practical reasons to buy an X800 besides crime rates. They are all generally related to safety. When you go camping, there are many possible dangers: getting lost and suffering from exposure; being caught out at night and unable to see the way back to your campsite; walking into a ravine or off of a cliff in poor light; being confronted by an angry predator; or being caught in an emergency situation without the means of making contact with rescue teams. With the power of an amazing light, you can direct people to the scene of your accident, even avoid an accident, and frighten away a wild animal.


There are many potentially extreme situations Americans could be caught up in. There are natural disasters, violence, and accidents. Be prepared for a storm, power outage, or earthquake wherever you live; no matter how safe your world seems to be much of the time. It doesn’t have bullets and you can’t tase anyone with it. There is no medical application for the Shadowhawk X800. This tactical flashlight, however, can still save lives.

Help Save the Vape & Why We Support HR 2058

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Hello Readers!

We don’t often get into political discussions here at, but on behalf of a number of our merchants and our customers, we are asking you to consider supporting what is known as HR 2058, an effort for and by the electronic cigarette industry to stop improper FDA regulations that would remove 99.9% of Vapor products from the market (while, of course continuing to allow big tobacco cigarettes to remain ON the market). We support HR 2058, and hope that you will too.  Anyway, you’ll hear our own story in a moment…

To go right to the petitions:
1. Sign The Official White House Petition to overturn the FDA’s ruling on e-cigarette classification as a tobacco product – because, these are NOT tobacco products. –> Click Here to Sign 

2. Send A Message to Your Representative to Support HR 2058 introduced by Oklahoma Representative, Tom Cole. –> Click Here to Sign

3. Send A Message To Your Attorney General to Support Iowa AG Tom Miller, regarding a debate on the scientific merits of vaping. –> Click Here to Sign

To learn a little about what this is all about, we offer this video entitled Truth About Vaping – Episode 1 “Why They Hate Us.” Then, below, please allow us to give you our background and reasons for our personal support of this bill.

The other day, our team here at the site was talking about much fun it is for us to discover new merchants, products, and services, and then to introduce them to all of you. We were marveling at how many diverse interests that we have between all of us – some of us dig music and reading, others love yoga and hiking, almost all of us love cooking and gourmet foods (or at least eating them!), etc.

It’s pretty amazing that almost every time we turn around, we’re presented with another amazing opportunity to promote, and we love it. We feel quite blessed to have such a diverse tapestry of products to offer.

Some of the things you’ll notice that we offer here on the site include a variety of electronic cigarettes and vaping supplies. This is because a number of us either have smoked cigarettes and made the move to e-cigs in an effort to cut back on inhaling tobacco smoke. I, personally used to smoke cigarettes, and it took a mighty effort to quit “back in the day” (before e-cigs were available). It would be almost impossible to ignore the fact that inhaling tobacco smoke is just not healthy.

When at least 3 of my friends and colleagues here on discovered e-cigs, one of them began using them to see if he could wean himself off tobacco cigarettes, because he wanted to feel better. He – along with a couple of the others here – kept reading that e-cig companies were not allowed by law to say that these might be useful as smoking cessation devices. But, they had seen the anecdotes and experiences of other men and women in a variety of vaping and e-cig forums, and thought, “Hey, why not? Surely it can’t hurt to try…”

Here it is a couple of years later, and one of the guys is 100% smoke free, AND he no longer even vapes. In another example, a young woman I know told me that she was trying e-cigs, because her mother had tried repeatedly to quit smoking, and had gone through gums, nicotine patches, and who knows what else without any success – until she tried substituting e-cigs for tobacco. She now no longer needs either.

Then, another guy I know has cut back his cigarette use considerably. He didn’t give me an exact measure, but he figures that e-cigs constitutes about one half or a little more than what he used to smoke.

Finally, I was talking with one of the guys who was working on my apartment building when I was away this past winter, and I noticed during one of his breaks, he was vaping on an Eleaf iStick box mod that I recognized since of course that’s a model we often see promoted by the different merchants we highlight, and we struck up a conversation about vaping in general.

He couldn’t speak highly enough about e-cigs, because he had completely given up tobacco since making the decision to try this as an alternative. He talked about how much money he saved – which I know is considerable since I’ve seen cost comparisons between tobacco cigarettes versus e-cigs in general – but even more important to him was that he physically felt better. His job is a very strenuous one, and he explained that he had more endurance and no longer felt out of breath. Also, he would not vape for the same amount of time that he would smoke a cigarette. In other words, he might take a puff or two off his mod, and be totally satisfied; whereas, if he had lit a cigarette, he would not stop puffing until the whole thing was smoked.

During any conversation that I have with someone who vapes, I notice that I am not in the least bit bothered by the vapor that their devices help produce. I don’t smell it, I don’t notice it, and I’m not offended by it. And the person vaping doesn’t “smell” either. I have an exceedingly sensitive sense of smell, and don’t like the smell of tobacco smoke (with the exception of certain pipe tobacco which for some reason doesn’t bother me). Of course that’s another benefit my friends who vape have noticed.

Now, again, I am a non-smoker. I also do not vape since I long ago gave up nicotine and have no intentions of starting again. I am a staunch supporter of HR 2058, and I have signed 2 separate petitions to help the cause. And, it’s not just because we offer vaping supplies here on the site. To me it’s to support the vaping community and to help put a stop to the madness perpetuated by “big tobacco” since in my personal opinion – along with the opinion of my partners here at, the push to pretend that e-cigs and vaping supplies are “tobacco products” is about one thing only: Greed.

Please take a moment to watch this excellent video that explains part of why “big tobacco” is pushing so hard to harm the e-cig industry, and it should become crystal clear that they aren’t interested in your “health” – they are interested in being able to increase their own profits. I have nothing against profits – we all need to make a living, and part of the fun here at is earning commissions when someone purchases a product as a result of something they have found here at the site!

But when common sense and decency are trampled by nonsense and greed disguised as something called “in our best interests” I cannot just stand by and do nothing. And so I am asking you – whether or not you personally vape – please take a moment to learn the facts behind these ridiculous attempts to hurt the e-cig industry and sign the petitions. We have also added a few additional links to other news articles covering this topic, below.

Thank you so much for reading, and for your support!


The Editorial Team at

Again, here are the petitions:
1. Sign The Official White House Petition to overturn the FDA’s ruling on e-cigarette classification as a tobacco product – because, these are NOT tobacco products. –> Click Here to Sign 

2. Send A Message to Your Representative to Support HR 2058 introduced by Oklahoma Representative, Tom Cole. –> Click Here to Sign

3. Send A Message To Your Attorney General to Support Iowa AG Tom Miller, regarding a debate on the scientific merits of vaping. –> Click Here to Sign

Additional news articles about this topic:

Recall Alert: Do You Buy Frozen Foods from the Big Box Stores?

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Hello readers! I have received a notice that the FDA has announced a recall on certain frozen fruits and veggies – including organic – that have been purchased at stores such as BJs, Costco, Trader Joe’s, Walmart (Sam’s Club), etc. The title of the FDA announcement is: “CRF Frozen Foods Expands Voluntary Recall to Include All Frozen Vegetable and Fruit Products Due To Possible Health Risk” – and the foods may have been contaminated with the organism, Listeria monocytogenes.

You may have heard of this in the press in the past. This recall was posted at the FDA site on May 2, 2016. You may have received a telephone call originating at the phone number: 844-483-3866 about this if the affected stores had some record of you possibly having purchased a potentially contaminated item. I received this phone call this morning, and they did leave a recorded message about this – if you see this number on your caller ID, definitely check the message, since the only reason you would get it would be if there was some record of you purchasing a potentially contaminated item.

It occurred to me that I had, indeed purchased some frozen berries as well as frozen spinach, and a few of the other items involved with the recall at one of the stores – fortunately, we were not affected by this, and no longer have the items.

However, here at, we want to be sure that we help spread the word since we know that many of our readers, friends, and family might also be affected by this.

Here is the link to the FDA Recall, dated 5/2/16: – There you will find an extensive list of the products involved, as well as what actions you can take.

In the meantime, stay well!