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In every home, the critical piece to establishing happiness and unity is communication. When people talk to each other, they stay close; they feel safe and are able to help one another.

Google Home will make the internet a part of home life; an integral part, available throughout the house and activated by voice commands. Google Home will be like Siri or Alexa (like in the Amazon Echo or Tap), but conversational and, like family, will be there to help you.

Meet Your New Assistant

Google Home

The upcoming artificial intelligence technology from Google is an extension of Google Assistant, a new program which helps consumers use their computers to find things online. It won’t find your car keys, although that function might be coming one day too, and sooner than we think.

In the meantime, use the voice-activated Google Assistant to locate a Greek restaurant, family-friendly movie, a DIY home and garden center, or a doggy daycare for the holidays. All you do is set the system up with a prompt and Google Home responds verbally, but not in that robotic tone you are expecting from the PC. This is more like having a chat with a real person whose sole purpose is to help you wherever you are, whenever you need assistance from the internet.

Move into Google Home

To access this service all over the home, customers will purchase a stylish module which can be color coordinated to match furnishings and accessories. This subtle piece of electronic magic will seem like an element of home décor; it’s wireless and so unobtrusive.

A single device will connect all digital items in your home such as your NEST cam, kitchen gadgets on timers, computers, cell phones, and home entertainment centers. Without extra cables and cords to muddy your interior design, Google has effectively connected you to everything so you can interact at your leisure.

It is so advanced that Google Home is almost frightening, but this is going to reduce the workload of an average harried mother with three kids, a full-time job, and a million things to do around the house all at the same time. No more spinning plates: Google Home will supply assistance in real time.

Allo and Duo for Mobile Applications

Say “allo” to Allo, Google’s app which allows you to interact with Google Assistant via your Smart Phone, alone or with a crew of fellow travelers. Ask for directions to the nearest winery, upload images and emojis, and generally use the internet without pressing those awfully small icons on your tiny screen.

This is the answer to that problem: how do companies make handheld devices smaller yet still accessible to customers who already have trouble with the tiny screen and minuscule keyboard? Voice activation is the way of the future.

Duo is a one-to-one system for video calling. This Google Assistant system uses the owner’s cell phone number to access other cell phones, iOS or Android, so that people can talk and see each other wherever they are. There is even a feature which allows the owner to see who is calling before accepting the call. All you need for Allo or Duo is an app.

Coming This Summer

Google Home will be released later in 2016, just in time for Christmas shopping. The release of Allo and Duo is imminent; within then next few months to satisfy a release time of “summer 2016.” Google can’t wait to expand your universe from the comfort of home.

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