Reasons To Own The Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight

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Shadowhawk reports that response to the Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight has been exceptional since it was released. Sales have been amazing; they regularly sell out in the United States. Why is this such a popular item, how does it work and how can it be used? This is more than a means of lighting the darkness without wires and a powerful tool that must be treated with respect. (Note: We have more updated information on Tactical Flashlights that you can read about HERE.)

What Is a Tactical Flashlight?

In a matter of self-defense, light can be your best weapon – or at least a strong one. It allows you to disorient any attacker and be used as a weapon if necessary. If you are trying to get attention from police or other emergency response teams, a good flashlight shows the way to your accident. A strong light helps you keep to the right direction and avoid dangerous places. They are durable, feature multiple modes, and a lot more expensive than your usual LED flashlight.

The Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight for Self-Defense

Shadowhawk X800

In the United States, fear about violent crime in the home runs deep and affects many householders. They keep a wary eye on the statistics which show the most violent states, cities, and districts in every part of the country. Many Americans would love to own a gun but laws are strict.

Those who don’t want guns still look for ways to defend their families, themselves, and their property. Flashlights have become part of their arsenal, a less deadly but seriously effective one. American civilians model their use of tactical flashlights on the ways in which members of the Armed Forces and Emergency Services utilize flashlights.

Defense without Violence

It is totally possible to avoid violence and overcome an attacker without raising a hand. Shadowhawk recommends the use of light. As they say, just think of what it does to your vision and your balance to have a camera flash go off in your face.

Create this effect only a hundred times more intense with the strobe setting on their X800 to disorient an attacker. He will be temporarily blinded, perhaps long enough to get away from the situation or to overcome him. In fact, it’s important to use this feature with care and never treat the X800 as a toy.

Other Dangers

No one wants to live in fear, and there are many practical reasons to buy an X800 besides crime rates. They are all generally related to safety. When you go camping, there are many possible dangers: getting lost and suffering from exposure; being caught out at night and unable to see the way back to your campsite; walking into a ravine or off of a cliff in poor light; being confronted by an angry predator; or being caught in an emergency situation without the means of making contact with rescue teams. With the power of an amazing light, you can direct people to the scene of your accident, even avoid an accident, and frighten away a wild animal.


There are many potentially extreme situations Americans could be caught up in. There are natural disasters, violence, and accidents. Be prepared for a storm, power outage, or earthquake wherever you live; no matter how safe your world seems to be much of the time. It doesn’t have bullets and you can’t tase anyone with it. There is no medical application for the Shadowhawk X800. This tactical flashlight, however, can still save lives.

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