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sun-basket-review-the-unboxing-of-gourmet-organic-meal-delivery-serviceHi! It’s Kathy and Martin from MyFavDeals.org, and we just had a wonderful opportunity to review the popular Sunbasket meal delivery service. This is something we hadn’t been able to do earlier since they weren’t yet on the east coast (at the time we originally wrote this review).

But the great news, as you may have read about elsewhere on MyFavDeals.org, is that Sunbasket expanded a couple of months ago and now DOES serve the eastern seaboard! (Here’s our post about their expansion: https://myfavdeals.org/sun-basket-meal-delivery-has-expanded-to-the-eastern-u-s/)

What is Sunbasket?

Sunbasket is an organic food delivery service that packages everything you need to prepare a delicious, complete, healthful meal at home. All the ingredients are natural and organic, and are delivered to your home packed in ice. In each “basket” (or box, as you can see in the photo), you will find everything you need to create a gourmet and organic meal in your own kitchen (with the exception of utensils). The contents of the box includes:

  • All proteins/meats/fish
  • All the fruits and veggies (including garlic, onion, etc)
  • Sauces and/or spice blends and herbs (including fresh herbs like cilantro, parsely, etc)
  • Complete instructions on the Recipe Card, including a color photograph of how the meal should look

How much is Sunbasket?

Apart from any specials or promo codes, Sun Basket typically breaks down to approximately $11.49 per person per meal (plus $5.99 S/H for the week) – and you would get 3 meals. There are a variety of ways to order, including by subscription that you can pause (e.g. for vacation) or cancel anytime. You can also order as a gift for someone. So, it might look like this:

  • 1 Person: $40.46. Breaks down to $11.49 per person x 3 meals per week (+ $5.99 Shipping & Handling).
  • 2 People: $74.93  for 3 meals each (+ S/H) – Note that if you subscribe, S/H for the first week is free.
  • 4 People: $143.87 for 3 meals each (+ S/H) – Note that if you subscribe, S/H for the first week is free.

We are huge fans of organic foods, and when we were offered the opportunity to do a Sun Basket review, we jumped at the chance.

In this article, we’re comparing our notes as we’ve both now finished our respective “Baskets.” And, we are also able to provide a different point of view since I just LIKE to cook, and Martin actually IS a trained chef.

In this Sunbasket Review, we share our ENTIRE experience!

How We Chose Our Sunbasket Meals

Kathy: This will be interesting! So, for me and my husband, I ordered the Paleo Sunbasket to try, and they sent 3 meals. Each meal was definitely enough for the 2 of us. What about you?

Martin: I ordered the Chef’s Choice since I wanted to be surprised, and I’m not that picky. And yes, I have to agree that there was enough in each meal to feed 2 people. So, let’s compare notes: the 3 meals I got were Summer Vegetable Paella, Turkey Tacos with Roasted Red Pepper Salsa, and the Chicken wings with Barbacoa Salsa Verde. You?

Kathy: I also got the Chicken with Barbacoa Sauce, then I had a Brazilian Seafood Stew and a Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon meal – the Thai-Style Salmon with Peach-Cabbage Slaw. As it turns out, I wound up filming the entire unboxing, which I’ll upload to YouTube. Once I have a chance to do that, I’ll post the video here as well.

sun-basket-review-unboxing-proteins-on-bottom-on-top-of-iceBut my initial impression of the entire Sun Basket presentation was very positive. I loved how it even LOOKED when I opened it – the paper bags of all the non-protein ingredients looked perfect, and there was enough ice, too. Then, they had it well separated from the next layer with the ice and cardboard.

Sunbasket Overview: We are balancing Pros & Cons

Kathy: So, I only have a couple of teeny weenie “criticisms” about the packaging if that’s even the right word – because frankly, I’m having a tough time coming up with any “cons” since a balanced review is supposed to have both “pros” and “cons.”

The exterior of the box itself didn’t say “Perishable” or “Open and Refrigerate” anywhere on it. I had mentioned in my order that I live in bear country, and that the delivery driver would need to put the box inside my back vestibule to make sure it didn’t attract wildlife. He (the driver) said he didn’t see anything on the delivery about that. But nonetheless, they know me, and probably would have put it inside anyway if I hadn’t been home. How did the delivery and first impressions go on your end?

Martin: I came home around 10pm after a night at the dragway to find the box on my porch. I believe you told me the date Kathy, but I didn’t remember.

Kathy: Oh right – it was the 23rd… August 23rd.

Martin: Anyway, to my surprise, after sitting on my porch on a 90 degree day, for however many hours (I am guessing at least 6 hours), it was still good.

They did a nice job packing it all up, and it is in a very insulated box, with plenty of ice packs at the bottom. There was a bit leftover with packaging, yet there were simple instructions how to recycle everything, and it is suggested to keep and reuse the freezer bags.

Having an eye always on sanitation, with my culinary background, I would recommend rinsing off the ice packs if you keep them, since they are in direct contact with packaged raw food. Even though it is packaged, better to be safe than sorry.

sun-basket-review-brazilian-seafood-stew-recipe-card-and-ingredientsSunbasket Packaging

I liked how it was packed, in 3 brown bags, and with the raw stuff at the bottom. I hadn’t taken the time to research what exactly a Sunbasket box would look like ahead of time. So I was excited to see the extensive ingredients included, where literally everything besides things like cooking oil are included, with neat little cards telling you how to prepare each meal.

Sunbasket Recipes and Prep

Kathy: Oh my gosh… I love the cards! Here’s a photo of one of them… next to all the ingredients that I had pose for the picture. So, I guess it’s time to talk about the food! Want to go first?

Martin: Sure. Okay, first up was the Vegetable Paella. This was more than enough for two people. I had three decent sized portions of it, and it was very tasty.

It is a unique dish, as there is some creativity added (not your typical run of the mill type of meal – very much California-style; I have cooked in Napa Valley in the past so I know), and I saved the rest after my first meal, and it reheated beautifully. Even the rice wasn’t overcooked or soggy (they included a ‘Paella Rice’ which I have not seen before).


Sun Basket Vegetable Paella

It was a great meal, and simple to prep, though for someone who’s not experienced with knife skills etc., it will take them a few minutes to prep all the vegetables. I added salt and pepper, which they call for, and it was actually quite delicious.

I just needed to slice the pepper into strips, slice the shallot, and dice the tomato that was included. Then there is a bit more chopping for the finishing ingredients (olives, artichokes, parsley and almonds).

Quality and Quantity of Ingredients

They were reasonably fresh for having been shipped, so I assume they are at least 2 days old, and nothing was spoiled.

The Paella Spice had spilled inside the bag, but there was still a good amount left in the container. The spice was tasty, though it did get a bit all over everything, no huge deal though. I was grateful to have so much of the meal pre-thought out for me, and I understand what it takes to prepare and transport perishable foods.

Kathy: In one of our bags, the cumin spice also spilled, but there was plenty left in the container – So maybe one note that we can point out to the folks at Sun Basket is that the little containers with the snap-on lids might need to be taped shut. But like you said, it was no big deal.


Sunbasket – Brazilian Seafood Stew with Mashed Yucca

Choosing our first meal: For us, because I felt that the shrimp might not last long enough, the Brazilian Seafood Stew is what we made first. In that photo above, to the left, on my kitchen table – those are the ingredients for the Brazilian Seafood Stew.

We really enjoyed it – and what John really liked about it besides it being good was that he got to try a traditional international dish that there’s no way we could find in a restaurant up where we live. Now, if we were to go to a Brazilian restaurant and saw this on the menu, we’d know it’s something we like!

I’d never tried Yucca either, and that took on the flavor of the sauce in the stew. Just wonderful! And, I should note that John burns a ton of calories during the workday, and he felt there was enough… and trust me, he can eat a lot of food!

Tip on Maintaining Quality and Freshness of Ingredients

Martin: That sounds delicious, my kind of meal. BTW, shrimp doesn’t typically go bad too fast, for one because it is infused with a natural preservative – sea salt (not all fish is like that, but shrimp has an OK shelf life). And you can always poach it briefly in boiling water (like 20 seconds), and then drop it in ice water, to extend the life a little more 😉

Kathy: I knew I should have asked you! Thanks for that – TOTALLY noted for the future!

Martin: The next meal I tried was the Turkey Tacos with Roasted Red Pepper Salsa. This was even more unique of a meal than the Paella. It is definitely another Californian style meal, and definitely for those who enjoy creative, healthy meals.

Sun Basket - Turkey Tacos with Roasted Red Pepper Salsa

Sunbasket – Turkey Tacos with Roasted Red Pepper Salsa

As was the case with the first meal, I was again very pleased with the overall flavor, and the cool choices of ingredients. You essentially make turkey meat with black beans for the inside of the tortillas, a tomato-cucumber salsa on the side, and have Queso Fresco cheese, a Mexican/South American cheese similar to a mix of Feta and Goat’s cheese. It is a nice subtle cheese for a dish like this.

For prep, it was probably 5 minutes for me of actual prep, and I think I was eating it 20-30 minutes after starting to get it ready. Here’s my photo of the meal… (to the right)

Once again, very straight forward directions ( I love how they send the cards, which you can of course use again if you decide to make your own, or collect as recipe cards), and I very much enjoyed these as well.

The tortillas are corn tortillas, and they have that slightly pungent flavor that comes with an organic corn tortilla, so that definitely adds an additional flavor (unlike traditional flour tortillas).

They also had lime and cilantro to finish, which I love on these types of dishes. By the time I cooked this dish, it was maybe 2-3 days later, and the cilantro had gone bad, not a huge shock, and the rest of the ingredients were good.

Tip: Consider cooking those dishes with ingredients that are more perishable first.

I’m not sure if there could be a recommended order of cooking the dishes, for stuff like that, but my last meal had cilantro, and that bunch was useable.

sun-basket-review-thai-style-salmon-with-peach-cabbage-slawKathy: We had a few containers of cilantro too, but ours held up well. Actually, all our ingredients held up well. We totally had the “order” in mind, since 2 of our were seafood based.

Our next one was the Thai-Style Salmon and the Peach-Cabbage Slaw which was very tasty. The best part of this meal – and I think John agrees with me, is that the slaw was phenomenal! The flavors were absolutely perfect, and I actually went out and bought cashews so that I can make this again.

Of course, the fact that I have the recipe card now is great because I can just refer to that so I can make it again.

Okay – so the only thing about that meal is that there was SO MUCH cabbage that it made enough slaw to easily feed 4 people, which was fine because we both had it for lunch the next day. Man, that was good!

Oh – I have a note here about prepping the hot pepper for the Salmon meal – actually, probably for any of the meals that include hot pepper. We thought it would be a really good idea to chop those really finely so that you don’t get any “surprise” or large hot chunks of pepper – unless you like that.

The instructions were to thinly slice the Thai chile (if using it – it wasn’t required), but we found that chopping them really finely helps incorporate the flavors more so you don’t get a mouthful of heat.sun-basket-review-martin-quote-about-how-people-will-love-this

Anyway, that was a darned good meal too.

Martin: Ha ha! Yeah, I can see where that could be a surprise if you aren’t used to the heat. That salmon sounds tasty, I love salmon. That also goes to show that not only are people in for some very selectively picked ingredients (most of mine also had organic labels, which I like), but also, these are not your run of the mill typical meals.

So anyone looking for unique, tasty, organic, healthy meals will be in heaven, as everyone of mine were well thought out, and all ingredients went together well.

The ingredients held up over a few days…

Okay, so my next meal was the Chicken Wings Barbacoa with Salsa Verde. I believe I cooked this the following Thursday (6 days after having received the Sunbasket Box), and they were still good!

This meal could have served two people, although it may not have entirely filled up two famished individuals. The Paella would have made a nice side though, with the one portion left over 😉

As with all the meals, I cooked this exactly as instructed to get an authentic experience, as opposed to adding my own spin on any of the preparation techniques.

sun-basket-chicken-wings-with-barbacoa-salsa-verdeI very much enjoyed this dish. It was quite spicy, which is cool with me, but definitely on the spicy side!

Kathy, if I remember, you did something alternative with the Barbacoa sauce, as opposes to coating the wings with it. I actually did as suggested, and tossed the wings in it, with the sweet potatoes laid out on the same half-sheet pan, and roasted away.

I was rather hungry with this meal, and I ate almost all of it myself. It takes quite a few chicken wings to fill someone up. It was once again, quite unique, and I enjoyed the Salsa Verde drizzled all over everything. I used all the lime and cilantro and used all of that, which may have been a little too much, but I enjoyed it.

Prep for this once again probably took me around 5 minutes, and I would say for the untrained person, maybe 15 minutes of prep are needed, depending how they are with a knife. (All meals took around this long).

They recommend 20-25 minutes for this. You could perhaps go a little longer, and cooking time will also depend on your oven’s calibration, and also whether or not you use convection, so check the sweet potatoes and wings to see if they could use a little longer. I could have cooked this for another 5 minutes; it was cooked enough, though I would have enjoyed the wings just a bit crispier (you don’t have to worry about over cooking chicken wings too much either, as they can go a bit longer, and some people even prefer them that way).

Kathy: Incidentally, I like the way you served yourself – nice presentation!

For our final meal, we had the Chicken Wings Barbacoa with Salsa Verde too! Now, THIS was a combo I never would have thought of, but those sweet potatoes and red onions were delicious! And that salsa verde really did add to that.

I have to say though, that I thought the Barbacoa sauce was pretty spicy! I was able to eat it – and I absolutely loved the flavor – but I think it might be pretty spicy for some folks. What did you think, because you had this one too…sun-basket-review-sweet-potato-and-red-onion

Martin: Yeah that was tasty, and a bit spicy for sure! It may be a bit hot for some people. It was a great flavor also, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kathy: Martin, your photo of the meal was almost exactly how their photo showed it. We weren’t able to really prepare the meal exactly the way that the instructions called for because:

  1. our kitchen doesn’t have a sheet pan large enough (check out my photo of my largest sheet, which is a cookie sheet that was completely loaded with the veggies – so there was no room for chicken there), and
  2. I was squeamish about baking chicken in the same pan as the veggies.

What was your take on that?

Martin: I found they all did fit, but not lots of room to spare. Like I mentioned, I could have cooked mine a little longer, and actually, had I spaced put the sweet potatoes more, I think they would have cooked a little better. I slightly stacked them, and you don’t really want to stack something like sweet potatoes to roast them, at least not too much.

Kathy: Nonetheless, the flavors were amazing, and while we didn’t have any chicken left over – I can eat wings all day I think! – we did have veggies left over which we had for lunch the next day. I’ll be making that again, you can bet on that! I’d love to know how to make that Barbacoa sauce too…

Martin: Yeah, that was good for sure! And, from a professional perspective, one thing I really like and would definitely put in the “PROs” column here about Sun Basket is the way they package the sauces. No guesswork! And wow… they were all really tasty sauces.

Kathy: I totally agree. Now, there is a little more guesswork, in my opinion, about measuring a few ingredients – for example, with the cilantro-lime sauce for the Thai style salmon, the directions just say, “juice the lime,” and combine the sauce base with the juice – they don’t say how much juice. The lime we got was awesome!

But we had no idea whether or not to use the whole lime. It was huge – and so there was a lot of lime in that particular sauce. What if another Sun Basket meal gets shipped with a small lime? So, it might be helpful to say, “Add 1 tablespoon of lime juice,” or whatever the ideal measure is. What do you think about that, Martin, coming from your professional point of view?

sun-basket-review-thai-style-salmon-with-peach-cabbage-slaw-ingredientsMartin: Yeah good point, I used the whole thing because I am familiar with lime juice and similar dishes like this, but for someone uncertain, I think a rough portion size suggestion would be helpful, or just specify to use the whole lime. I was fine with it all, but someone with little cooking knowledge could use those tips so it is less confusing for them.

Kathy: I know what you mean, so it’s just something that people might want to keep in mind when they get their Sun Basket. In other recipes, they did specify, “chop enough garlic to measure 2 teaspoons,” for example.

But anyway, I was looking at my notes about the whole process – and I can see how Sun Basket is a really fun way to introduce organic and gourmet cooking to someone who may be a little nervous about trying something like this. It was so much fun!

If someone is looking for a very fast, pop-it-in-the-microwave meal, that’s not what you’re going to get with Sunbasket, because they aren’t about that. This is about preparing healthy, organic and gourmet meals at home with pretty much all the guesswork removed since they have done everything except send someone over to actually cook it for you.

But, even beyond that, the meals were truly healthful and nourishing, and you could FEEL how high quality every single ingredient was!

Martin: Yes this is definitely not for someone deciding whether to break out their Sunbasket meal, or head over to McDonald’s. It is for someone who enjoys a very thought out meal, with a very hand-picked feel, that wants to do a little of the preparation, and perhaps learn a few cooking ideas. Cooking skills are not absolutely essential, but a little cooking knowledge will help, and you will need to cut a few vegetables 🙂

Sunbasket Review: Wrapping it Up – Overall Summary

Kathy: At this point, if I had to give an overall summary, and do a star-rating, I’d honestly have to give it just about 5 stars across the board, with perhaps a 4 for clarity of instructions. 5-stars for quality, no doubt. 5-stars for ingenuity, too. And I’d have to say that because of how high quality the ingredients are, 5-stars for overall value too. One more thing I wanted to mention about how easy it is to order, is this: I noticed one of their meals this week included chick peas. While I love hummus and tahini, I’m not wild about whole chickpeas, so I can EASILY choose a different selection if I didn’t want that one!

So, that pretty much wraps it up. Martin, any final thoughts on this? Would you use the service again? I know I would…

Eat Clean $30.00 OffMartin: I absolutely would, and I just might. Going forward, I would want to prepare to cook 3 nights in a row, or at least 3 out of 5 nights. I may also glance through to see what may spoil fastest (like cilantro), and use that meal first.

It is very easy to see what is in each meal, so that would be very quick, but yeah otherwise, for someone looking for a unique, healthy meal delivery service with delicious meals, and a little bit of prep needed, I would highly recommend it (I am pretty sure all these types of things will need some prep anyways; this is my first experience of it, and I am a big fan.

It adds a whole level of convenience, as it is a bit of work, and time consuming, to shop for meals this specifically, and most of the time, you forget something.

Kathy: I’ll be leaving for the winter fairly soon, and already see another Sun Basket in my near future. To the folks at Sunbasket – if you’re reading this: Thank you SO MUCH for allowing us to try the service. We truly do appreciate it!

Martin: Oh, for sure! Thanks so much guys – it really was a lot of fun to try Sun Basket, and I have a feeling that a lot of our readers will agree that it’s got to be about the best organic meal and grocery delivery service out there.

To our readers, thank you so much for taking the time to read this Sun Basket review!

SUN BASKET Meal Delivery Has Expanded to the Eastern U.S.!

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This is fabulous news for fans of the Sun Basket Meal Delivery service, the top rated meal delivery service, that is!! We got the word early last week that the eastward expansion was finally in place! Many of us – me included – had reached out to the folks at Sun Basket, lamenting that, at the time, they were only available on the West Coast. (UPDATE: September 2016: We have just completed what we feel is the most comprehensive Sun Basket review available. Read our Sun Basket Review Here!)

Eat Clean $30.00 OffI well recall their very welcoming response, and gratitude for interest in their home delivered, farm-to-table meals. Until now, there had been nothing like it in our area, and well… we just felt left out! 🙂 So these are indeed exciting times for both us, and Sun Basket. I urge anyone on the east coast who has been hoping for a true healthy food delivery service to support the effort to make sure that they stay!

But wait, there’s MORE! You have heard of BuzzFeed, right? Well, there’s even more terrific news! Sun Basket had told me that:

“in a recent head-to-head meal delivery kit faceoff – held independently by BuzzFeed – Sun Basket received a perfect score. Our great taste, amazing recipes, premium ingredient quality and ease of cooking and cleanup won over the judges!”

Now, of course I love Sun Basket, but I wanted to see this for myself! So, off to BuzzFeed I went, and actually found the FIRST high marks from an April 4, 2016 column, 10 Life-Changing Things To Try In April – and among those “life-changing things” was Sun Basket! (Note: I was also pleasantly surprised to see that among that “life-changing” list was the famous Squatty Potty that we originally learned about from Shark Tank, and feature here on MyFavDeals.)

So, anyway, in that original BuzzFeed article, the writer, Nicole Nguyen explained why Sun Basket was thus far her favorite meal-in-a-box kit for 3 primary reasons: 1) The company appears to be environmentally responsible since they offer a return label so that you can ship the box, ice packs, and insulation back to them so they can reuse them, 2) they source their products from regional farms, and 3) – and possibly most important for many people who just want to eat and not worry about planning what they want to eat, she said that she considered the recipes to be healthy and filling, and – her words, “INSANELY good.”

Now, fast-forward to this month (May 2016), and BuzzFeed did a comparison of eight different meal-in-a-box kits – here’s the basic rundown:

  • Sun Basket: Hands down – the BuzzFeed favorite! They gave it a rock solid 10 out of 10 rating. In these reviews, they would talk about the “Good” and the “Bad.” The “Good” here was that the recipes worked AND tasted great, there was little packaging waste, and the meals were easy to prepare. The “Bad?” Nothing! And I quote: “Honestly, there wasn’t anything really bad about this service. They kinda nailed it.” But, to be fair, let’s look at the other 7 options that they reviewed…
  • Marley Spoon: They liked for some of the recipes themselves, but not so much the way the instructions showed what appeared to be non-representative of the actual dish pictured. They did give this a 9/10 rating.
  • Purple Carrot: This is a primarily plant-based meal delivery kit, and it won BuzzFeed’s vote for “most eco-friendly,” but felt some of the esoteric ingredients might be puzzling to some. They gave it a 9/10.
  • Hello Fresh: The panel thought the meals were easy to make, but felt that overall they were a little boring, giving it a 7/10 – but from my perspective, not everyone is looking for fancy meals, so in all fairness, because this group also makes family-sized kits, this might be the ticket for families. See Hello Fresh discounts here.
  • Plated: The biggest thing the panelists seemed most concerned about – and understandably so – was that in one of their meals, the main ingredient (lamb) was missing. Kind of a bummer. They also felt like the instructions didn’t work the way they were supposed to, and Plated wound up with a 7/10.
  • Blue Apron: This did not get much praise from the group; they said a lot of people might buy this option simply because they’re one of the originals in the meal delivery space and people recognize the name. Also a turn off was that the packaging containing the chicken was punctured, and so raw chicken juice leaked out. Yuck. From their description, it sounds like I might leave them alone and try one of the newer guys. And, BuzzFeed seemed to think that they’d only recommend Blue Apron to people who had literally never heard of anything else. The rating was a 6/10. And if you’re trying to weigh SunBasket vs Blue Apron? Well, again, it’s like comparing apples to oranges. Sun Basket’s quality is coming in ahead. Moving on…
  • Terra’s Kitchen: “Plant strong and nutrient dense” seemed to be the catch-phrase here. The BuzzFeed panel said that these were VERY easy to prepare, but the ingredients didn’t smell at all fresh. They didn’t recommend the service, giving it a 2/10.
  • Home Chef: Well, this is at the bottom of their list. They just didn’t like it and gave it a 1/10. It’s possible that they just got a bad delivery. They didn’t care for the way the recipes worked either. It’s too bad, because I’ve seen a number of good reviews for them.

But, that’s the run down on what BuzzFeed had to say about these meal delivery services, and again, Sun Basket is just kicking butt when it comes to this niche!

So, to sum it up, not only is Sun Basket meal delivery service now pretty much nationwide, they are becoming the leader in being able to create and deliver delicious, healthy recipes using the best, freshest organic, non-GMO ingredients!

Oh – they are also the only meal delivery service (that I’ve seen) that offers a breakfast option. They definitely have customizable meal plans for Paleo, Gluten Free, and Vegetarians. Eat what you want without the grocery shopping!

Experience the difference and save $30 off your first delivery! Click Here to Order!

Thrive Market Review

Organic Food Delivery

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Name a trendy way to eat or a fashionable type of makeup and another ten trends or fashions follow in their wake. It’s impossible just to shop for groceries, bath items, and pet food these days; not without qualifying the shopping list somehow.

How many moms are shopping for a vegan child plus a teenager with nut allergies or acne while trying to add fiber to their diets at the same time and follow a detox program? Add a social conscience and a fussy pet with a heart problem into the mix and grocery shopping is no longer the dull but necessary task it once was; it’s a strategic nightmare.

ThriveMarket.comEnter Thrive Market

That’s why places such as Thrive Market came into being; in fact, there might not be another company like Thrive Market anywhere. This online shopping portal is a dream come true for every consumer pulling her hair out as she tries to satisfy the varied needs of a household.

Thrive Market has been featured in Self, Food & Wine, Well + Good, and other publications. It’s endorsed by celebrities including Jillian Michaels. Her list of “top picks” offers a reference point for Thrive Market customers seeking guidance in their day.

Huge Selection

Thrive Market’s selection includes over 3,000 health products and more than 400 brands, many of them familiar to the observant shopper who reads more than the price tag on a packet of cereal or a tin of beans.

While offering the selection consumers need, they also sell items for up to 50% less than the regular retail price. The more stuff you take out of food (gluten, processed sugar, and additives), the more expensive it seems to be, which only adds to the burden of shopping with so many things to think about. Consumers must be jumping for joy to know they can order the products they want and also pay wholesale prices while having everything delivered, making the entire process of going shopping much easier.

Fashionable Filters

Instead of grocery aisles where you find shampoo, toilet cleaner, tissues, flour, spices, and granola bars, consumers discover online filters in the form of shopping categories. Start with one of these:

• food
• pet
• children
• bath, body, and beauty
• health

Alternatively, approach shopping from one of these angles:

• organic
• hypo-allergenic
• fair trade
• non-GMO
• low glycemic

How about exploring products by brands? Here are some ideas:

• Bob’s Red Mill
• Late July
• Earth Balance
• Garden of Life
• Honey Stinger
• Castor & Pollux
• Acure Organics

If you are in the “organics” section, take a look at foods to snack on, tea and coffee, baked treats, or cooking products. Within “health,” there are first aid and feminine hygiene items.

Suppose you were interested in Environmentally or Socially Responsible products: these are also listed separately. Examine examples of compostable (11) CFC-Free (25), BPA-Free (193), and cruelty-free (153) groceries and supplies you can now add to your shopping list without breaking a sweat. There are so many advantages to shopping online with a store that takes pride in accommodating modern needs and healthy living.

Advantages to Online Shopping with Thrive Market

A supermarket is often noisy and busy. Being faced with so many shelves, tins, and packets is simply too much to take in, especially with kids in tow or a time limit during which one has to get into and out of the supermarket to relieve the babysitter or get children to soccer practice.

Busy people can’t browse shelves casually during supermarket hours or take time to compare products thoroughly while they shop. It’s much easier to take these steps at home in front of a computer and write everything down before heading to the store. It’s even easier to write it all down and make purchases online.

Internet shopping helps you pick up only what went on your list. There are no demanding toddlers to appease; no smells drawing you towards baked desserts or forbidden sweets. Shopping online also allows you to get the job done on your time. The clock isn’t ticking. As long as you send off your order in good time, there is no pressure and you can always pick up necessities from the local store if you get desperate.

Disadvantages to Online Shopping

There are just two downsides. One is that you have to become a member, although a free trial is available and membership helps keep costs low.

Secondly, you can’t order fresh foods like fruits and vegetables. You will still have to visit the butcher for chicken, the harbor or grocery store for fish, and the produce department for fruits and vegetables.

If you eat dairy, this is another perishable item that’s not coming in the mail. Thrive Market is unable to end the frustrations of shopping on foot completely but this innovative firm can minimize them, even if you seek high-protein, low-fat, paraben-free, nut-free items to fulfill a high-energy, sometimes nutty lifestyle.