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Is it possible to make true, tasty, sparkling water in one’s own home or at the office? You have to buy it, don’t you, because sparkling water is made using complicated and secret, magical processes, right? Wrong: sparkling water is easy to make with a small machine that takes up next to no space in a typical kitchen. Want to learn more? Check out SodaStream.

Sparkling Since 1903

Seldom can a company say its origins are more than 100 years old, but SodaStream can. Today, United States operations are based in New Jersey with offices in New York City and Los Angeles as well. Originally, sparkling water was sold to upper-class customers in England, but today the company appeals to anyone who buys bottled fizzy water regularly and wonders if there is a better, cheaper, healthier way.

Make Sparkling Water at Home

Tap water gets its fizz from the SodaStream maker and consumers can even flavor it. We’re not talking about Soda Water or Tonic Water, but one can make Tonic Water by adding ingredients available from SodaStream.

With this one system, you will never need to go to the store again, not even for cola. Making a bottle of the stuff takes minutes and you only make what you need.

Customize flavors using the options from SodaStream or stick to standard mixes. These are far healthier than most store-bought options as SodaStream doesn’t use aspartame or high-fructose corn syrup.

Aspartame is being studied for its potential relationship to cancer cells while scientists and doctors believe that high-fructose corn syrup and obesity go hand-in-hand.

Technical Water?

This is not a high-tech machine. Anyone can learn how to operate the SodaStream machine in minutes and have access to water with fizz any day, any time. Perhaps the roads are icy or snowy, but you would like to entertain guests — no problem. As long as you keep up with deliveries of your CO2 and flavor pouches and nothing interferes with your water supply, every party will sparkle.

No More Heavy Shopping

Once upon a time, your grocery bag filled up with large bottles, two at a time, and that’s all you had room for. They were heavy too. Heavy, awkward shopping is over, at least where sparkling water is concerned.

SodaStream doesn’t arrange to deliver bottles of soda water in bulk to save you money and lifting; you don’t stock up on bottles at all. With a few reusable bottles to refill, cupboard space remains free to hold other things consumers like to put soda water into like juice or wine.

Once you have purchased the machine, start making water for about 25 cents per liter (plain) or a little more (flavored), a half or even one third the price of a bottle sold at even the cheapest store.


SodaStream bottles are made from plastic, but don’t let the word “plastic” make you suspicious. This company utilizes only non-BPA bottles which can be re-used. You will be reducing your carbon footprint without giving anything up.

Furthermore, energy consumption is low. A CO2 canister can usually be deployed without having to be plugged in. With thousands of stores carrying these products and service professionals worldwide, customers can call on someone to help them with their machines if something breaks down or fails to work.

Buying Products at SodaStream

Soda Water makers start at $79.99 USD while the fancy top-priced item, a Penguin, costs $199.99 direct from SodaStream online. Try flavors such as Cola, Gingerale, Cream Soda, or Lemon Lime, 440 ml for $4.99 or three bottles for $12.

If you buy outlet items, you cannot return them for credit to your account if they fail to please, but each one costs $2.49 for 440 ml. Carbonators, providing the fizz, start at $29.99. Package deals help you save money.

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