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The word “uber” describes something that is more than “super” or “extra” amazing. When a program is “uber” exceptional, it’s beyond what you have come to expect. The founders of Uber Transportation believe their program fits that description. You won’t really be driving for Uber if you sign up, though: this is a driver referral system. It more or less functions as an affiliate program. People who join also get the chance to earn an Uber driver referral bonus. A lot of folks are doing this, so let’s learn a bit more.

How It All Began

Garrett Camp and friend Travis Kalanick couldn’t get a cab one cold night in Paris. They wondered how to prevent this situation from happening in the future in Paris or another city. What if you could simply place a request using an app on your phone to receive a lift to the airport or your hotel? That’s what happened: they designed an app. Soon they were able to sign up drivers: men and women looking for a way to supplement their income. People are driving their own vehicles and supporting themselves or upgrading their lifestyles in over 370 cities around the world.

Why Sign Up with Uber

A vehicle costs you so much money yet could actually become a money spinner if you are a good driver and the vehicle is reliable. Whether this is part-time income or a full-time job, set the schedule you want around the life you already lead. Just respond to requests made via app to provide transport in your city.

Meanwhile there are loads of people in all the major cities looking for a lift. Not everyone drives and public transport is not necessarily the easiest way to get around. It’s certainly not direct and buses or trains don’t go everywhere. They tend to stop running after a particular hour too, but Uber is up and running all day, 365 days of the year.

Get Started

If you are in driving mode, you open the Uber Transport app and watch for requests. When one comes along that is convenient for your schedule and along a route you know well log on to pick up that rider. It’s possible to do this once a day or all day long. Passengers are known for their respectful attitude to drivers and vehicles.

Safety Issues

The obvious question is how this can be a safe way to earn money. Even cab drivers, doing this for a living day in, day out say they are vulnerable. News reports prove it: you could wind up with a lunatic in the back seat of your cab. What about Uber drivers and passengers? How can they ensure their safety in this game?

Riders are identified before you pick them up. Drivers can see their first name and a rating next to that name so it pays to be respectful, to settle the bill, and to leave a tip. Drivers will fall all over themselves to be the first one to take highly-rated riders to their destinations and vice versa. Uber is also an insured program so you can feel secure that damages from less respectful customers or unforeseen accidents will be covered. Uber just needs to see drivers’ registration, proof they are insured, a driver’s license, and run a check on each person who signs on. That way they protect riders too.


Actually, you don’t settle the bill in person. Fees are deposited remotely on a weekly basis. It’s easy to keep tabs on how much you make weekly or monthly. There is also the trip-fee built into your reports so you can see which riders are worth taking. The only fee you pay as a driver is the cost for having the app.

NOTE: It’s definitely a trend worth following – and a service worth trying! I happened to be at a large conference recently, when a bunch of attendees decided to “share an Uber” and they all raved about the service. And, if you are game, you too can get in on the action and earn a Uber driver referral bonus! I think it’s here to stay!

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