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Name a trendy way to eat or a fashionable type of makeup and another ten trends or fashions follow in their wake. It’s impossible just to shop for groceries, bath items, and pet food these days; not without qualifying the shopping list somehow.

How many moms are shopping for a vegan child plus a teenager with nut allergies or acne while trying to add fiber to their diets at the same time and follow a detox program? Add a social conscience and a fussy pet with a heart problem into the mix and grocery shopping is no longer the dull but necessary task it once was; it’s a strategic nightmare.

ThriveMarket.comEnter Thrive Market

That’s why places such as Thrive Market came into being; in fact, there might not be another company like Thrive Market anywhere. This online shopping portal is a dream come true for every consumer pulling her hair out as she tries to satisfy the varied needs of a household.

Thrive Market has been featured in Self, Food & Wine, Well + Good, and other publications. It’s endorsed by celebrities including Jillian Michaels. Her list of “top picks” offers a reference point for Thrive Market customers seeking guidance in their day.

Huge Selection

Thrive Market’s selection includes over 3,000 health products and more than 400 brands, many of them familiar to the observant shopper who reads more than the price tag on a packet of cereal or a tin of beans.

While offering the selection consumers need, they also sell items for up to 50% less than the regular retail price. The more stuff you take out of food (gluten, processed sugar, and additives), the more expensive it seems to be, which only adds to the burden of shopping with so many things to think about. Consumers must be jumping for joy to know they can order the products they want and also pay wholesale prices while having everything delivered, making the entire process of going shopping much easier.

Fashionable Filters

Instead of grocery aisles where you find shampoo, toilet cleaner, tissues, flour, spices, and granola bars, consumers discover online filters in the form of shopping categories. Start with one of these:

• food
• pet
• children
• bath, body, and beauty
• health

Alternatively, approach shopping from one of these angles:

• organic
• hypo-allergenic
• fair trade
• non-GMO
• low glycemic

How about exploring products by brands? Here are some ideas:

• Bob’s Red Mill
• Late July
• Earth Balance
• Garden of Life
• Honey Stinger
• Castor & Pollux
• Acure Organics

If you are in the “organics” section, take a look at foods to snack on, tea and coffee, baked treats, or cooking products. Within “health,” there are first aid and feminine hygiene items.

Suppose you were interested in Environmentally or Socially Responsible products: these are also listed separately. Examine examples of compostable (11) CFC-Free (25), BPA-Free (193), and cruelty-free (153) groceries and supplies you can now add to your shopping list without breaking a sweat. There are so many advantages to shopping online with a store that takes pride in accommodating modern needs and healthy living.

Advantages to Online Shopping with Thrive Market

A supermarket is often noisy and busy. Being faced with so many shelves, tins, and packets is simply too much to take in, especially with kids in tow or a time limit during which one has to get into and out of the supermarket to relieve the babysitter or get children to soccer practice.

Busy people can’t browse shelves casually during supermarket hours or take time to compare products thoroughly while they shop. It’s much easier to take these steps at home in front of a computer and write everything down before heading to the store. It’s even easier to write it all down and make purchases online.

Internet shopping helps you pick up only what went on your list. There are no demanding toddlers to appease; no smells drawing you towards baked desserts or forbidden sweets. Shopping online also allows you to get the job done on your time. The clock isn’t ticking. As long as you send off your order in good time, there is no pressure and you can always pick up necessities from the local store if you get desperate.

Disadvantages to Online Shopping

There are just two downsides. One is that you have to become a member, although a free trial is available and membership helps keep costs low.

Secondly, you can’t order fresh foods like fruits and vegetables. You will still have to visit the butcher for chicken, the harbor or grocery store for fish, and the produce department for fruits and vegetables.

If you eat dairy, this is another perishable item that’s not coming in the mail. Thrive Market is unable to end the frustrations of shopping on foot completely but this innovative firm can minimize them, even if you seek high-protein, low-fat, paraben-free, nut-free items to fulfill a high-energy, sometimes nutty lifestyle.

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